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Les Miserables, Bravo!

By Oaklanddave
Written July 26, 2014
We went on opening day to avoid any spoilers (either media or neighbor generated). We thought they did an EXCELLENT job in telling the story. Many new viewers might be thrown off by the on-stage performance. Hugh Jackman & Ann Hathaway can SING! who knew. The supporting cast also did a good job with their parts. The only vocal portion that wasn't very strong belongs to Russel Crowe. He makes you believe his character is Inspector Javert. That stops as soon as he starts to sing. If you are a fan of the Stage production, then you must go see this film! Just don't expect much from Mr. Crowe's singing.
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Les Miserables

By Pawfanjpc
Written December 26, 2012
True to the book. Cast is excellent although vocally inferior to any broadway stage production. Easily overlooked with superior acting and each fits the character. Anne Hathaway gives Oscar worthy performance as does Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Highly recommend. Don't miss this. Especially if you are a musical lover.
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Even with all of its imperfections, it's a must see!

By bubbanumba1
Written September 20, 2014
I've seen the live musical a few times so I was really nervous about the musical! Without ruining anything, it was phenomenal! Yes, Russell Crowe was not the best singer, but everyone else made up for it. Yes, the same camera angles were used over and over, but the costume and set designs made up for it. Moral of the story: Accept the imperfections and recognize the beauty of the movie.
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Les Miserables

By tdbowen812
Written October 23, 2014
Although the movie theater was full, I had never been in such a quiet, still environment. We were all awestruck. This was not a movie, it was an experience. We laughed. We cried. The beauty of it all. At the ending, the audience gave it a standing ovation!
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Great acting and Cheaper than a Broadway Theater Ticket

By ElvisLivesLevis
Written December 25, 2014
Hugh Jackman and Anne Hatheway were incredible and convincing. For Russell Crowe, the singing was too much. If you have never seen this classic muical, now is your chance. Remember it is a musical and the entire movie is sung by its actors.
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