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As moving as the death of Little Nell

By FloridaWriter
Written June 26, 2016
Sorry, Oscar Wilde was all I could think of when I heard all the snuffling around me. Nonetheless, it's a good experience, more of an operetta than a musical, with outstanding performances by all. Anne Hathaway in particular stands out. If you cry easily, bring tissues. It's a three hanky weepfest that'll unclog your tear ducts.
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Catwoman, Gladiator, and Wolverine!!

By senrabe
Written May 03, 2016
I was very impressed!! I am not a "musical" movie person. However, this was amazing! First, I had no idea Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman could sing so well. Secondly, to be able to act and sing simultaneously and! As for Anne Hathaway, she should get an Oscar. She sang beautifully and with such raw emotion. I was totally surprised...I went as a Christmas gift to my wife, but I was the one who was apparently on Santa's "nice" list. Enjoyed the movie immensely!!
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By dellio1
Written December 26, 2012
We were absolutely thrilled to be the first to see this movie on Christmas Day, but what a disappointment it was, particularly compared to the stage productions. The talent on the live stage has always been of the first quality, even in the productions at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. One would hope that given the huge sums of money spent on this movie they could have gotten stars that could sing, not Russell Crowe, who obviously can't sing a note, and Hugh Jackman was only average at best. If not for the supporting actors, the movie would have been a total loss. At least we were able to enjoy some real talent and singing from them. If we would have seen the movie prior to the stage production, we NEVER would have spent the money. What is so disappointing is that the general public, those who have not been fortunate enough to see live musical theater, will believe that mediocrity rules. Too bad.
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Great acting and Cheaper than a Broadway Theater Ticket

By ElvisLivesLevis
Written July 01, 2016
Hugh Jackman and Anne Hatheway were incredible and convincing. For Russell Crowe, the singing was too much. If you have never seen this classic muical, now is your chance. Remember it is a musical and the entire movie is sung by its actors.
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By minidokakid1973
Written December 28, 2012
Marvelous!! We absolutely loved it. We are musical aficionados with demanding tastes, and I was not sure what to expect...if it would meet expectations. Home Run!! I read some rotten tomato reviews and could not disagree more with the pundits who have somehow ordained themselves as the "experts" on if movies are good or not. I could not care less what they say. One idiot critic thought that Russell Crow's singing was better than Huge Jackman or Anne Hathaway. He then went on to confess that he had never actually seen a live stage performance of Les Mis. Are you kidding me? What a dork! How would he even know good if it hit him in the face? Almost everyone in the place was in tears. How often does that happen at a movie of any kind? NEVER. It was profoundly moving. On the ride back home, my wife said she was going to buy the DVD as soon as it is available. BRAVO! BRAVO!!
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