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Absolutely Fantastic

By sgt.jiggs
Written December 10, 2016
I am 64 years young and Les Miz swept me off my feet/seat! Never have I spent a shorter 2 1/2 hours and on the edge of my seat! The only other musical I have enjoyed was West Side Story and it's no comparison to LM... All the characters were believable and the story line so very true to the human tragedy life really is for most, then as now... I must admit, I'm a guy and I wept. By far, THE BEST movie I have ever seen!
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Must Go

By yardbabe
Written June 27, 2016
It seems a lot of people want to be critics. And the critics are just performing for us. and to keep their jobs. All that said - this movie kept a sold out crowd spellbound and teary eyed. No, things were not perfect but it was awesome to see the actors up close and not just on stage. Their range of emotions during a musical were excellent! Watch it - it is quality movie-making.
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By JonathanOfAwesometon
Written March 26, 2017
I teared up several times. This was an extremely powerful and emotional film. Incredible. The actors were all phenomenal, acting as well as singing. Now to the credit of the director and everyone behind the scenes, they did amazing. This is absolutely the best transition from play to film that's been done. The singing live on set was genius, the crafting of the sets and camera work was flawless. This thing is going to take some academy awards home this year sure. Not all of them, but they will certainly not leave empty handed. Well done!
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By kraigbrown87
Written April 24, 2017
Saw this today after having seen the Broadway version. Expectations were not high, but I was completely blown away by the the whole production. Just freaking amazing. I took my 23 and 22 year old sons and my 16 year old daughter and everyone of us got drawn into the story- even after we have seen the story so many times. I was emotional, and I am NOT an emotional person. I can only say that the entire cast and supporting production teams have created a movie that will be around for generations, just like the story, it will not get old. I am going again, taking my wife- and can't wait!
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They should have cast singers rather than stars ... or else skipped the singing.

By FL-mermaid
Written September 26, 2016
Les Miserables depicted a number of characters going from young to old. ... we aged right along with them. They can't kill the compelling story, but we were disappointed that actors' star power seemed to have trumped singing ability when they cast this version. If they want stars, go the 1998-movie route (starring Liam Neeson) and skip the singing! ... Maybe seeing it on Broadway spoiled me. There was Colm Wilkinson (who brought Valjean from the London musical to Broadway in '87) right on hand to do the singing role proud, but he was relegated to just playing the priest. Oh well.
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