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Les Miz was wonderful!

By dpswarn
Written December 26, 2012
“Les Miz” movie was sooooo good! Yes, as good as they exclaimed in previews and reviews! Much better than expected from a movie made from a live stage show. Of course the singing can’t be as tremendous as live voices on Broadway or the equivalent, but it was quite good. To its credit, the movie did not try to add scenes, places and explanations that weren’t in the stage show. Many parts, especially the early ones with Fantine, were actually “improved” in the movie because they made me feel so much sadder and cry even more for her terrible life and lost dreams. Yes, I cried through the movie at the same places and for the same songs and happenings as I do every time I see the musical. The only problem with the movie: it was 2 ½ hours long—which was okay and welcomed—but without an intermission as we have in the theatre: long time to sit with beer and Bloody Mary inside.
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Russell Crowe Can't Sing!

By pedsarq
Written December 27, 2012
I was lucky enough to see this movie last night at a special AMC Stubs members screening. You should know going into this film that it's not a cinematic version of the Victor Hugo Novel by the same name; rather, think of it as a film version of the ultra-popular Broadway Musical "Les Miserable." You will, however, be treated to mega-million dollar, computer-aided special effects scenes. And, there are many scenes where the story moves like a dramatic movie, but all of the musical numbers from the Broadway show are interjected throughout. Unfortunately, this also involves sitting through Russell Crowe singing, which did not work for me at all. Anyway, it's a very elaborate and rich production, and the acting is very good. Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman are remarkable. Russell Crowe is great whenever he's not singing!
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Les Miserables

By Pawfanjpc
Written February 14, 2016
True to the book. Cast is excellent although vocally inferior to any broadway stage production. Easily overlooked with superior acting and each fits the character. Anne Hathaway gives Oscar worthy performance as does Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Highly recommend. Don't miss this. Especially if you are a musical lover.
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Great movie!!

By Fandango1467
Written May 05, 2016
This was really worth seeing, and I was actually very impressed with everyone it in (even Amanda Seyfried, but let's not go crazy). Great vocals and a nice story. Wish that it have paced slower and gone even more in depth like the novel, but we all know a movie doesn't have that much time lol. And hats off to Anne, maybe she'll finally get her Oscar :)
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Lez Miz does not disappoint

By Lpmyers
Written May 05, 2016
If you loved the stage production, you will love the movie too. The closeup's of the actors faces was powerful and gut-wrenching. Yes, bring your box of tissues, you will need it! It is a long movie that felt too short. I didn't want it to end. I plan on seeing it again.
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