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Best Movie 2012

By adormouse
Written July 28, 2016
It was 2.5 hours and bloody well worth it. It seemed so fast and although not all the actors were "fantastic" some put their heart and soul into it. Hugh and Anne were amazing, and I am sure we all had our doubts. Russel Crowe was probably not the best choice, as was Amanda Seyfried. Eddie as Marius did nothing for me as well BUT some of the minor characters stole the show. Young Cosette, Enjolras, and Gavroche--- that little boy was amazing. All in all hands down best movie of 2012. It was poignant and emotional. Raw and beautiful. It will have you in tears and it will make you want to see it again and again. If you were a fan of Les Miz before or new, this movie did justice and served extra. I can't wait to see it again!
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"Do you hear the people sing?" Yes!!!

By the-phanatic
Written August 20, 2016
To give this film a grade less than an A would be an injustice. What a magificent job by cast crew and director. An amazing screen adaptation of a wonderful Broadway, London, etc musical. This is sheer power, drama, heartache. and an emotional roller coaster throughtout the entire film. My daughter and I have seen the play over 20 times and we are thrilled at Tom Hooper's masterpiece he has created on screen. It's the best adaptation I have seen since West Side Story. If you love the play you'll be thrilled by the movie. As far as Russell Crowe is concerned...he tries..and he's adequate. Gavoroche's scene on the barricades is gut wretching (I think the tragedy in Conn brings on even stronger emotions to this scene which is not downplayed in the film) so be forewarned. Excellent film with a stellar cast!
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Finally a cinema version of a Broadway Musical that should be Oscar worthy.

By dpon54
Written December 07, 2016
Don't get me wrong, I love movie musicals, but sometimes the intent to make a remake of a Broadway classic has lead to incredible blunders on the part of the movie industry. Take NOT using the lovely voice of Audrey Hepburn for My Fair Lady as a case in point. It was OK to use Rex Harrison's gritty dialogue/singing, but lets make Audrey sound like an opera star. Enter Tom Hooper, 2012 and Les Miserables. Not only does Mr. Hooper choose to use all of the casts voices, but he has them sing the actual songs while shooting rather than lip synching to a sound track recorded earlier. And then to add just a little more realism, he uses close ups of the actors, and the human condition of the time to show, a gritty realism that Broadway could not. The cinematography, sets and performances were all that I would expect from the director of The Kings Speech. And as fan of the live musical of Les Miserables, I found little to complain about the film version.
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Magnificent...Unique & Incomparable! A True Masterpiece of Cinema!

By Al P
Written March 04, 2015
Been there done that? Not a chance! This film is like a dream and so beautiful there simply aren't adequate words to describe the experience. Think you've seen a great movie musical or two in your lifetime? You haven't seen the best one made in two generations, perhaps ever, if you've missed this one...period. To exhibit this masterpiece in the same venue where a movie like “End of Watch” is also playing is like mixing oil and water, bordering on hilarious. That film, friends, is the truly Miserable one in the house. This film is a must see experience like none other. There's nothing more worthwhile that's been done in film this year.
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Beyond Expectation

By curtnjen
Written December 04, 2016
I have seen Les Miserables every time it has been to Seattle since I was 18 (40 now) and it is one of the biggest passions in my life. I was unsure if the movie could ever do the musical justice, needless to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised! The performances of Hugh (Jean Valjean) and Anne (Fantine) are superb. Anne's portrayal of Fantine was the best I've ever seen and had me in tears with every scene she was in. Hugh Jackman really surprised me as a wonderful Jean Valjean. Those of you who are true Les Mis fans will be very pleased to see Colm as the bishop! Disappointments: Russell Crowe as Javert. Russell has a respectable voice but it was way too weak for the role of Javert. Cohen and Carter as Thenardier and Madame were terrible. There was confusion in which accent to use (sometimes French sometimes British) and Carter was a very poorly cast Madame. Surprises: Theatrical additions to the story and songs were nice and a tender scene with Javert and Gavroche.
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