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Les Miserable, what acting & movie making should be

By aztkdiva
Written December 26, 2012
Warning: Not for simple minds. If you do NOT like musicals, theater, or drama, wait for the dvd or don't watch. This is not your typical mindless, eye candy, mannequin acting. Les Miserable is ARTISTIC, a sample of what actors should be. Spoken dialogue is almost non-existent, the entire drama, unexplained politics & plot unfolds before you in the criminal baritone voice of Hugh Jackman- "Jean Valjean," (aka Prisoner 24601) & the shockingly beautiful voice of Anne Hathaway as the doomed "Fantine." These 2 alone, make the movie worth watching. I must admit I went in cynically assuming Anne would not meet my highest expectations, she exceeded them & I have a new respect for her. Russell Crowe - " Inspector Javert" amazing actor, but should not sing, gets a 10 for effort. Isabelle Allen-"young Cosette," beautiful acting & singing. Amanda Seyfried - Older Cosette, screeching voice, annoyed me. Samantha Barks - "Éponin" short lived character, but she is great. Overall: I LOVE IT!
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Actors in a musical should be able to sing!

By AnneStewart
Written December 25, 2012
When will Hollywood understand that star power does not always work? I would have rather seen no name actors who could really belt out the numbers that those of us who have been fans of Les Miz have come to expect. Thank goodness someone had the good sense to make sure Colm Wilkinson was in this film. One could hear chatter in the theater as soon as you saw (and heard) him. If you are a long time fan you will know who I am talking about. I really, really wanted to love this film, but I did not. I always at least tear up during the live performance but not this film. Parts of the movie were simply odd and awkward.
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Great supplement to the musical

By MrNobody
Written December 25, 2012
First of all, I have to agree with the previous reviewer that this is more of a film version of the famous 1980s musical instead of the original novel by Victor Hugo. With that in mind, I'd say this film is a great supplement to the musical. My wife is a huge fan of musicals, so she actually brought me to see the musical at Kennedy Center last year when it was the last stop of its 2012 US tour. I loved it, but it was a pitty that we could not afford to sit at better seats. Sound was great, the singing was great, but I could not see the acting and the settings in details because it was too darn far away (we paid ~100 for one ticket still). This movie actually filled that unfortunate pity of my musical experience. With less than 10% of the musical ticket price, the movie gave me full details of the 1830s France, when and where all the characters were and the story took place. It offered me the additional visionary effects to complete my own imagination and vision.
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EPIC! Audience roared with applause!

By jirwin69
Written December 26, 2012
Seen the stage show 11 times...this was fantastic! BRAVISSIMO TO HUGH JACKMAN AND AARON TVEIT AND EDDIE REDMAYNE! BRAVISSIMA TO ANNE HATHAWAY AND SAMANTHA BARKS! IMHO, the close up camera shots were great, brought home the emotion for me more so than what a stage production can give. It will be a challenge to keep your tears at bay, so be forewarned that it is heartbreaking to watch at times! Heard sniffles all through the theatre and then was not expecting the outbreak of thunderous applause after the final chord. Is it perfect?, but as a classically trained singer and educator who has seen the show 11 times, I absolutely loved it. I can appreciate the technically and vocally demanding score and the talent that is required to bring it to fruition. This was a monumental task and I am happy to say WELL DONE!
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Les Miserables

By ccidog4u
Written December 26, 2012
I am such a fan of this musical. I have probably seen it about 40 times. I have seen it in London, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, etc.... I was totally shocked by the singing (or lack of singing) of the 2 main leads characters. I was not totally surprised by Russell Crowe since he is not a broadway singer but Hugh Jackman was a real disappointment. There were bound to have been better singers in Hollywood than these two men. This musical deserved strong singers which neither of them proved to be. I would rather they have used unknowns that could sing instead of name actors that couldn't.
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