Leslie Fuller
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1888

Worked With

Year Name Title
1942 Ben Williams Front Line Kids
1942 Anthony Holles Front Line Kids
1942 O.B. Clarence Front Line Kids
1941 Ralph Truman Captain Bill
1941 O.B. Clarence Captain Bill
1941 Joan Greenwood My Wife's Family
1941 David Tomlinson My Wife's Family
1941 Patricia Roc My Wife's Family
1940 Wally Patch Two Smart Men
1939 Greta Gynt The Middle Watch
1939 Jack Buchanan The Middle Watch
1939 Martita Hunt The Middle Watch
1939 Ronald Shiner The Middle Watch
1939 Bruce Seton The Middle Watch
1937 Greta Gynt Boys Will Be Girls
1936 Stan Laurel One Good Turn
1936 Oliver Hardy One Good Turn
1934 Felix Aylmer Doctor's Orders
1934 Ronald Shiner Doctor's Orders
1934 John Mills Doctor's Orders
1934 Johnnie Schofield The Outcast
1933 Johnnie Schofield Hawley's of High Street
1933 Moore Marriott Hawley's of High Street
1933 John Mills A Political Party
1933 Moore Marriott A Political Party
1933 Johnnie Schofield The Pride of the Force
1933 Ben Welden The Pride of the Force
1932 Binnie Barnes The Last Coupon
1932 Gus McNaughton The Last Coupon
1932 Binnie Barnes Old Spanish Customers
1931 Peter Lawford Poor Old Bill
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