Leo the Lion

By Ahahah
Written April 27, 2016
I totally agree with the other person who reviewed this! My friend and I watched it on Netflix as a gag but it turned out to be SO FUNNY and is now the source for many of our inside jokes! Watch with a friend to make fun of it, have a good laugh, or actually learn a thing or two about how to believe in yourself. Also, if you wanna become a vegetation, talk to Leo. But the baby elephants "can't go any further". Haha Sophie, you're welcome.
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Leo The Lion

By kmonahan11
Written September 26, 2016
I would give this 6 out of 5 stars if I could. This is a fantastic film. It is by far the most educational thing I've seen in a while, would show to children. My friends and I selected this film on Netflix because it had 1 star and we thought it would be so bad it would be funny, much to my surprise it was reviewed by total nitwits and was hilarious and had a great and easy to follow story line. Much of the time I believed the main lion, Leo, was tripping on something(I found this to be accurate). Though there was serious copyright issues with this film and The Lion King that can be overlooked. See immediately. (Do not watch if you are strongly against vegetarians). #vegetarians #leo #lion #bestfilmaward hashtag another one
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