Leonardo Live Synopsis
Mariella Frostrup and Tim Marlow present "Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan."

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Leonardo Live

By mmistry
Loved the fact that I could see so many of DaVinci's paintings all together. However the naration was too hurried and rather superficial. I was hoping it would be more in the vein of what Sister...

Leonardo Live

By lwalker510
The art work was great. Too bad there weren't volume adjustments so you could turn down the music which was totally annoying (as if we needed a theme like starwars). Also the intro photography...


By 5Patz
Leonardo Live was a trip through a special exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci's works of art. The artwork is stunning and being able to see so much of his work while hearing about his life and his...

Art Live

By wellsgirl
Wonderful to get a chance to see this exhibit from London - the only way, really, for those who couldn't travel across the ocean. Stunning close-ups of Leonardo's paintings on the big screen, and...

behind the scenes

By panadero
This was a great behind the scenes presentation on how an exhibition is inspired and brought to life. From what pieces are to be shown and how they are to be displayed. All the details we do not...

Leonardo Live

By marygaysf
An interesting tour of the exhibit in London. We learned a lot about Leonard Da Vinci, but wanted more. The presenters had to cut off what the experts were saying way too often and too early. ...

Great way to see works of art!

By Rzrbackgirl
Amazing! Leonardo only has 15 paintings and this movie allowed the viewer to see 7 of these pieces all at once! Very well produced, the guests were an added bonus, would see it again! highly...

Leonardo Live

By michaeli
This presentation was wonderful.It was not only beautiful canvases to view but informative and spiritual as well. The picture quality was great as was the crisp clear audio portion.We would love to...

Beautiful art poorly presented

By djaygold
Leonardo's paintings captured in this amazing exhibit cannot be ruined by a poorly directed and somewhat absurd Entertainnment Tonight - like approach to learning more about them. The moderators were...

Leonardo Live

By abisso
Mostly a good show. Reporters tended to rush guests, things discused were not always shown (IR pictures). But, if you did not see the show in London, this was the nex best thing....

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