Not Loyal to Snicket

By filmreal
Written November 25, 2007
As a fan of the books, I was really hyped up for this movie. Unfortunately, I was disappointed, as the credits should have read "Only Loosely Based on the Books by Lemony Snicket." Other than the fact that the movie was very unloyal to Snicket's books, I found the movie somewhat boring and unbelievable. There were a couple funny moments, but that wasn't enough to see past the flaws.
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Lemony Snicket

By Cool Movie Guy
Written September 05, 2007
This movie was kinda good. It was weird at the and and kinda unrealistic. Jim Carey played just too many characters. Rad
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Love the book Movie ehhh book best ever

By alyeeddington
Written July 13, 2013
Love the book I LOVE this book ! The movie is not the same at all!!!!!!! Red the book but see movie red book before u watch movie read books in order from 1 to 13 or shall I say 14 BEST BOOK SERIES EVER !!!
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Pretty Good

By Camdizzils
Written July 13, 2008
I liked it i thought that every part was casted perfectly and the characters were so believable. It's a great family movie.
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Dark yet Kickin'

By MongrolMan
Written July 28, 2008
This was definately a darker kid's movie but I loved every character. I watched this and I don't remember seeing another movie done in such a fashion and it was refreshingly awesome.
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