Leland Orser

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Forest Whitaker Taken 3
2015 Liam Neeson Taken 3
2015 Famke Janssen Taken 3
2014 Richard Schiff The Gambler
2014 John Goodman The Gambler
2014 Andre Braugher The Gambler
2014 Mark Wahlberg The Gambler
2014 George Kennedy The Gambler
2014 Jessica Lange The Gambler
2010 Jeanne Tripplehorn Morning
2010 Laura Linney Morning
2010 Elliott Gould Morning
2009 Gregory Harrison Give 'Em Hell Malone
2009 Ving Rhames Give 'Em Hell Malone
2008 Liam Neeson Taken
2008 Famke Janssen Taken
2006 Cate Blanchett The Good German
2006 Tobey Maguire The Good German
2006 Beau Bridges The Good German
2006 George Clooney The Good German
2004 Scott Glenn Homeland Security
2004 Tom Skerritt Homeland Security
2004 David Strathairn Twisted
2004 Andy Garcia Twisted
2004 Ashley Judd Twisted
2004 Samuel L. Jackson Twisted
2003 Kevin Smith Daredevil
2003 Ben Affleck Daredevil
2003 Michael Clarke Duncan Daredevil
2003 Jennifer Garner Daredevil
2003 Joe Pantoliano Daredevil
2003 Jon Favreau Daredevil
2003 Colin Farrell Daredevil
2003 David Keith Daredevil
2003 Dustin Hoffman Runaway Jury
2003 Melora Walters Runaway Jury
2003 Luis Guzman Runaway Jury
2003 Jennifer Beals Runaway Jury
2003 Gene Hackman Runaway Jury
2003 John Cusack Runaway Jury
2003 Rachel Weisz Runaway Jury
2003 Bruce Davison Runaway Jury
2002 Jeanne Tripplehorn Brother's Keeper
1999 Ed O'Neill The Bone Collector
1999 Queen Latifah The Bone Collector
1999 Michael Rooker The Bone Collector
1999 Denzel Washington The Bone Collector
1999 Luis Guzman The Bone Collector
1999 Angelina Jolie The Bone Collector
1998 Daniel Stern Very Bad Things
1998 Cameron Diaz Very Bad Things
1998 Jon Favreau Very Bad Things
1998 Christian Slater Very Bad Things
1998 Jeanne Tripplehorn Very Bad Things
1997 Winona Ryder Alien Resurrection
1997 Dan Hedaya Alien Resurrection
1997 Brad Dourif Alien Resurrection
1997 Ron Perlman Alien Resurrection
1997 Sigourney Weaver Alien Resurrection
1997 Benicio Del Toro Excess Baggage
1997 Sally Kirkland Excess Baggage
1997 Alicia Silverstone Excess Baggage
1997 Christopher Walken Excess Baggage
1997 Callum Keith Rennie Excess Baggage
1997 Harry Connick, Jr. Excess Baggage
1997 George "Buck" Flower NYPD Blue: A Draining Experience
1996 Bruce Campbell Escape from L.A.
1996 Robert Carradine Escape from L.A.
1996 Paul Bartel Escape from L.A.
1996 Steve Buscemi Escape from L.A.
1996 Stacy Keach Escape from L.A.
1996 Peter Fonda Escape from L.A.
1996 Cliff Robertson Escape from L.A.
1996 Valeria Golino Escape from L.A.
1996 Pam Grier Escape from L.A.
1996 Kurt Russell Escape from L.A.
1996 Robert Loggia Independence Day
1996 Jeff Goldblum Independence Day
1996 Mary McDonnell Independence Day
1996 Harry Connick, Jr. Independence Day
1996 James Duval Independence Day
1996 Randy Quaid Independence Day
1996 Bill Pullman Independence Day
1996 Judd Hirsch Independence Day
1996 Margaret Colin Independence Day
1996 Adam Baldwin Independence Day
1996 Raphael Sbarge Independence Day
1996 Will Smith Independence Day
1996 Ryan Phillippe Lifeform
1996 Louis Zorich Mad About You: Get Back
1996 Hank Azaria Mad About You: Get Back
1996 Neal McDonough NYPD Blue: He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother
1996 Casey Siemaszko NYPD Blue: He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother
1996 Rosalind Chao To Love, Honor and Deceive
1995 Shannon Tweed Married... With Children: The Two That Got Away
1995 Paul Bartel Red Ribbon Blues
1995 David Spielberg Red Ribbon Blues
1995 Richard Roundtree Seven
1995 Brad Pitt Seven
1995 Gwyneth Paltrow Seven
1995 John C. McGinley Seven
1995 Richard Schiff Seven
1995 R. Lee Ermey Seven
1995 Morgan Freeman Seven
1995 Kevin Spacey Seven
1995 Paul Dooley Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Die Is Cast
1995 Andrew Robinson Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Die Is Cast
1993 William Schallert Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Sanctuary
1992 John Mahoney Cheers: Do Not Forsake Me O' My Postman
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