This is an Awesome movie!!

By Virdie
Written February 23, 2015
I have to say that this movie was a little bit different then I expected, but it was fantastic. Definetly a keeper. You have Arch-Angels, possesions, gun fights and of course creepy old ladies. This is a must see on the big screen and a definate purchase. I think this movie would have been creepier in 3D, but was perfect as is. I won't fill this review with spoilers, but if you like action movies with a decent plot and a dash of creepiness thrown in then this is definetly a must see for you.
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By Taoxinglan
Written January 20, 2010
Dear Friends, It is not the place of human beings to decide what is blasphemous and what is not. We have guidlines in religious text to help us decide what is and what is not. God can speak for Himself. If people go to watch this movie, and you only going to watch a movie then there is no problem. If you are watching this movie for reasons beyond that then there is a possible issue there. I disagree with anyone that posts to Fandango calling this movie Blasphemous. We do not know exactly how the book of Revelations will unfold, as we are only corporeal, mortal beings limited to the flow of time as is perceptable by us. Stop telling people what to believe. It isn't your place. Enjoy the movie.
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Stop the Legion movie

By Stratologeo
Written December 27, 2015
Friends, Please do not see this movie. If you have ever loved God, please do not see this movie. The movie portrays Michael as defying God's will and thwarting the Apocalypse. First off, if God decided it was time the Apocalypse started there would be nothing we could do to stop it. Secondly, God would never send Gabriel to lead a host of black-clad, leather winged, mace wielding, swarming angels to start the Apocalypse and allow us to oppose them with silly machine guns and blades. Friends, America is about 80% Christian. That means that movies draw 80% of their revenues from Christian wallets. If no Christians went to see movies with such blasphemous themes, then I promise you, blasphemous themes would not be found in movies. If you have ever loved God.... Miaprican, Brian Bushue - Would you go to a movie that spoke all obscenities about your mother? You probably would. What would you tell your mother when she asks "Why did you make people rich for insulting me?"
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Friends Don't Let Friends See Legion.

By RonBergendy69
Written January 23, 2010
I have an idea! lets make a movie about god getting mad at everyone so he'll send down a whole bunch of angels to exterminate everyone! but we'll have this one angel, who doesnt agree with god, so he'll just be like "heck no god, i'm gonna go make sure this one baby gets born and save everyone down on earth!" So he'll go down on earth and get a bunch of guns and weapons and go to this dinner in the desert because this one skank's baby is the one hope the world has of survival. but then a whole bunch of those other angels are gonna be like "Hey dude, god's piiissseedd off at you now man" and they'll start taking over the bodies of humans and try to kill everyone, so then the angel and his earth buddies will just start mowing them down with their big guns and stuff, and then we'll get that one guy from Wimbleton to be the cool angel, and that rapper tyrese, and the QB from friday night lights, and dennis quaid! And the Oscar goes to.... Don't see this movie. seriously.
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Complete waste of time and money..

By radfrog
Written January 22, 2010
Just got back from watching a matinee of "Legion." My husband was really wanting to see this and I was also hoping it was going to be good. As we were walking out of the theatre, both of us said at the same time "COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY". :( If you are considering going to see this and you don't have money to waste, I recommend you wait till this is out on video, which I predict won't be long when people find out what a huge turkey this film is. The plot (what there is of it) was spelled out in the trailer. NOTHING more happens in the movie than what was in the trailer. It's just long drawn out violence with the predictable ending. Even the effects which looked promising in the preview were few and far between. Most of the time it's just a bunch of towns folk holed up in a diner in the middle of the desert a la "Tremors' without the humor or big worms. Total disappointment!
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