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A group of strangers become the first line of defense against God.
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This is an Awesome movie!!

By Virdie
I have to say that this movie was a little bit different then I expected, but it was fantastic. Definetly a keeper. You have Arch-Angels, possesions, gun fights and of course creepy old ladies. ...


By Taoxinglan
Dear Friends, It is not the place of human beings to decide what is blasphemous and what is not. We have guidlines in religious text to help us decide what is and what is not. God can speak for...

Stop the Legion movie

By Stratologeo
Friends, Please do not see this movie. If you have ever loved God, please do not see this movie. The movie portrays Michael as defying God's will and thwarting the Apocalypse. First off, if God...

Friends Don't Let Friends See Legion.

By RonBergendy69
I have an idea! lets make a movie about god getting mad at everyone so he'll send down a whole bunch of angels to exterminate everyone! but we'll have this one angel, who doesnt agree with god, so...

Complete waste of time and money..

By radfrog
Just got back from watching a matinee of "Legion." My husband was really wanting to see this and I was also hoping it was going to be good. As we were walking out of the theatre, both of us said...

Two thumbs WAY down....and then some.

By JMcP8884
(SPOILER ALERT!!) This movie was awful. I wasn't expecting a "B" movie with demon-zombie creatures that go around biting a stalking the people of a small diner. This movie makes it seem like this...

it was entertaining, but stupid concept, storyline, goes against God religious beliefs

By jenn998
it was entertaining--had action, was different...seemed like comedy as people were laughing thruout the film...at the cheesy dialogue, characters etc...it's about an angel, who turns againt God's...

Big Steaming Pile of Legion...

By MGmirkin
Few movies have made me consider asking for my money back (Witches of Eastwick & Event Horizon come to mind)... Legion was one of them. It consistently fails to deliver on every promise it makes...

Show Me Your Teeth...OMG, They're Rotten!

By Jackonline
I had high hopes for Legion; the trailer for the movie is awesome! The only thing about Legion that is worth watching is the trailer. Seriously, you DO NOT need to waste your money or your time on...

Not really typical...

By misswings2488
The trailer depicts Legion as a typical religious end-of-the-world movie, I was surprised at how standard it isn’t – mostly. Also, the previews don’t give a lot of insight into what’s going to...

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Rated R | For strong bloody violence, and language
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Common Sense Media says Angels battle for mankind in violent, bloody thriller.
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