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Legend of the Guardians

By Cindyevans2
Written November 11, 2014
Too dark (figuratively)
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Too Vicious For Young Children

By moviemum6
Written November 11, 2014
Despite reading reviews of this movie being dark and too violent for children we promised our little 7 yr old granddaughters we would take them since they are learning about owls in school and it was made by the same people who did Happy Feet. The animation is stunning but I'm so sick and tired of 3D movies being a let down with hardly any 3D fun so no more 3D for us until they do better. This movie is definitely not for young children it's slow, boring and extremely vicious. Our granddaughters started off enjoying it and very quickly were bored then upset at how cruel and vicious it all turned with one of them burying her head in my arms not wanting to see the end. This may be a great adventure book but sometimes this does not translate well in a movie without being too violent for children to watch. The ads for this movie were geared towards small children showing cute baby owls but this is NOT what you end up seeing and after spending $60 on tickets and popcorn we were ticked
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Five Word Review

By hendriex
Written November 11, 2014
great film for the kids
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Legend of the Guardians - great movie.

By Honeygoat
Written October 28, 2010
Although I didn't see the 3D version, the visuals were absolutely stunning, and the story was a classic tale of good vs. evil ,following your heart and learning to listen to your intuition. It took me a little while to fall in love with the characters, but the story developed them well enough for me to identify with their plight, their struggles and success. It was a beautiful movie, and well worth seeing. That I would take the time to write a review is testament to my personal delight in the film. Legend of the Guardians left room for a sequel at the end - I would definitely see it.
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Fantastic family movie!

By Ibecutest
Written September 26, 2010
Fantastic movie! Can't wait to buy the DVD. All three of my kids couldn't stop talking about it and want to see it again.
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