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The Owls of Ga'Hoole

By fred1
Written September 29, 2010
This movie was interesting for the first 5 minutes maybe then it tried to put me straight to sleep! I have never been this bored w/ a film in my life!! The owls are kinda cute. The special effects are kinda interesting (again, for 5 minutes) but I didn't get the story line at all! Some one wanted this to be like an "Indiana Jones" legend like story but it never got off the ground. In all honesty, save your time and money for something else that's worth watching--unless you can't sleep--Now this is your movie!!!
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Great movie

By artygirl
Written October 13, 2010
My 8 1/2 year old daughter loved this movie! We did not see the 3D version and I don't think we missed anything as the movements, illustration and special effects were all still appreciated. The story is simple (good vs. evil) and jumped into the quest/fight with minimal explanation as to the motives. Explaining conflict or why it happens is a bit difficult for this age, but the good vs. evil is simple for most any age to understand. There were a few "dark" moments with fire and fighting that perhaps younger ages should be prepared for (or parents take note before choosing to take younger children.) I gave it a "must go" rating because in this era and video games, this was a change of pace. Choosing the owls as the main characters was a good way to show children that perseverance, patience and believing in yourself is something we all need to learn and therefore a lesson that children 8+ should definitely hear and can enjoy.
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One of the BEST children's movies ever!!!

By adsmurfin101
Written September 27, 2010
I took my 5 yr old to see this movie,& she loved it.The graphics and special effects were absolutely spectacular!!!! As for people saying this movie is too violent for younger kids,I think they're full of it. Have you people seen The Lion King?If I wanted to be a dumb dumb,I could say that movie was absolutely sinister.The plot consists of a lion killing his own brother in front of his nephew,then trying to murder his nephew and running him off on his own when he's still a baby.What about The Black Cauldron?The list could go on and on,but I'll stop there.I read some people complained b/c they showed the owlets puking up mouse pellets.DUH-that's what they do in real life.Take your kid on an outing to the zoo,& have them visit the area where the owls are.My daughter was NOT frightened by this movie AT ALL,and you know what she took away from it?She told me at the end that Soren was good,his brother was evil,and good always triumphs over evil in the end.Pretty good coming from a 5 yr old.
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Five Word Review

By stargirl796
Written September 25, 2010
so boring not worth it
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Legend of the Guardians

By Cindyevans2
Written November 11, 2014
Too dark (figuratively)
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