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A good children's epic

By Stasiamw
Written October 14, 2010
I recently snuck away with a couple of friends and my husband to see a good old children's film. I should prelude with the fact that we do this quite often. I may be a horror nut, but I'm a sucker for a good family friendly film. Anyway (I do digress a lot), late night showing. I think it's shorter than it ought to be. Though I haven't read the books yet, I do think maybe more could be pulled in to draw out the film. You go from home to captured to finding the guardians in a very short time span. The tension is minimal, even for a kid's film. What was there was good, but I feel like there could've been much more. And I would not recommend this film for children under the age of about 7 or 8. The battle scenes are quite violent, though bloodless. The CARA or MPAA say PG for scary scenes, but I'd say that's understating. Your 5 year old is probably going to be spooked by the sharp talons flying off the screen and battle.
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great family movie

By darren77th
Written September 29, 2010
We took our two girls ages 5 and 7. The loved the movie and were not scared at all. We haven't had a good selection of movies for kids in the past couple of weeks so this was perfectly timed. We saw the 2D version which was great. You cant go wrong with this movie. its well worth the time
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Beautiful Movie

By pchoench
Written October 01, 2010
My husband and I were attracted to the Owls of Ga'Hoole when we saw the preview. We both love great art and rich color, and this movie has lots of both, all the way through the end credits. It also has a very interesting story line, which can keep your attention throughout the movie. I recommend this movie for families as well as for people who appreciate really good animation. The bottom line of this story: You can do anything if you only believe.
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Legend of the Guardians

By Canders210
Written October 07, 2010
Loved the movie, but have to agree not for children under 8.
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Not as good as I expected it would be ...

By lmdaube
Written November 11, 2014
The previews looked awesome but the movie was only ok in my book. It kinda dragged. My two grandsons liked it but I was surprised that on opening day there were less than 30 people in the theater - and two families walked out before the movie was over. We went to the 2D version - and perhaps most others went to the 3D and that might be why our theather was so empty. And perhaps the 3D woulod have added a lot to it - but it was already $19.25 for the three of us to attend and that was as much as I was willing to spend. Honestly glad I didn't anty up the extra for the 3D!
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