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Five Word Review

By craZcatladi
Written October 16, 2010
owls that cant act cats
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Decent Story Line

By doesntdodishes
Written September 30, 2010
I read the ratings and was unsure about whether or not to bring the kids. 10,13, and 2 years old. The ratings I read were awful. If you watch the trailer it is exactly as it is pictured. The movie has GREAT graphics and a decent story line, has some heart felt moments, and a lot of action that kept us all watching. We didn't see it in 3D for fear that the 2 yr old would freak out but it would really add to the experience. The 10 and 13 year old loved it! The 2 yr old was occupied with pop-corn and later fell asleep. If you are ultra-conservative or have smaller children that you do not let watch action films then this would not be the movie for you. There is fighting but no gore. My kids loved the film and we were all glad we went! No complaints.
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Great Movie for the whole family!

By LadyJedi78
Written September 27, 2010
I loved this movie, I haven't read the books, so I'm unsure whether the movie is an accurate portrayal of characters and events but I thought the story was compelling. They managed to get some great actors to do voice work for the Owls. Hugo Weaving was a favorite I loved him as Da and Grimble. Now I must talk about the CG work, by far I haven't seen better, the feathers and eyes, very detailed and impressive, I'm no expert but I've watched enough behind the scenes documentaries to understand how much time and effort goes into the whole CG process, and this movie was so well done I forgot I was watching a movie, i felt like I was a part of the story. (No i didn't see it in 3D either) I really enjoyed this movie, I'm an adult and I think it would be enjoyable for the whole family, though the very young (about 3 and under) may get startled with the mid-flight battle, and the evil owl. Lady Jedi
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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Review

By yesenia_herrera16
Written October 01, 2010
Good Afternoon, We enjoyed the movie from beginning to end. The animation and characters were very much detailed in making them real as resembling our own personalities at times. The story was full of excitement, action packed scene's & adult humor. The diversity of owls & essence of their presence in a film is quite remarkable. This film is good for children 6 & up and or adults. # 1 family film in America I want to thank you for giving us the delight of taking an evening off to watch a movie. Very Sincerely, Yesenia
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By hiltongrl05
Written October 01, 2010
Great graphics but i personally don't think this movie is right for kids under 8.
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