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Great Movie!

By Cashmir23
Written September 27, 2010
Movie was great!! My son and I enjoyed it!! I think every family should see it with their children! Awesome story line!
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This movie is amazing!!

By Miguelc8810
Written November 02, 2010
I recommend his movie to anyone who wants to watch an animated film
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It was the hit of the party!

By logrey
Written October 11, 2010
This is the movie that my daughter chose to bring her 4 friends to for her 10th birthday party. They all seemed to enjoy the story and the graphics. I would recommend it for that age. There is a lot of fighting so it may not be a movie for younger than 9 but fair game for the rest.
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Such a cute movie

By girliejean
Written September 30, 2010
The whole family will love this movie. Even my teenage nephew, who read the books and generally dislikes movies based on books, loved it.
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Owl movie

By mjiandoli
Written September 26, 2010
I thought it was good, predictable at some parts, but I would definitely see it again
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