The Legend (Telugu)

By Krishna Erramilli
Written March 30, 2014
We went to the movie with expectations that it would be funny and entertaining - based on the reviews we read online. While Brahmanandam's role was somewhat funny and Balakrishna's punch dialogues were entertaining, there was just too much senseless violence, blood and gore for my liking. I sympathize with the parents who brought young children to watch the movie.But more importantly, there was no credible story or plot. Why someone carries a lifelong, violent grudge for being slapped on the face is beyond anyone's comprehension. Balayya's age and girth showed and it was disgusting to watch him dance with heroines half his age. To conclude, watch the movie if you absolutely have nothing else to do.
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Classic Fantasy!!

By cleverlilvixen
Written July 13, 2007
This is a truly great fantasy story. I first saw Legend when I was about 7 years old and it still holds the same facsination and magic for me today. A truly beautifully staged and crafted film. Each frame is art. I highly recommend viewing the director's cut if you can find it. Though the theatrical release was great there were bits (that I can only imagine were cut for time) that are included in the director's cut and make the whole film feel smoother and seamless in a way the theatrical cut lacks. Either way it is an outstanding film that is sure to spark young imaginations. Use your best judgement before viewing with a small child as some of the scenes are a little dark. 5 stars.
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By Phronc
Written August 01, 2007
One of my favorite old fantasy movies... A classic. Now if only they had chosen a different lead actor (sorry Tom)...
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awesome fantasy imagery, especially for it's time...

By epiphanywarden
Written August 11, 2007
you gotta love the beautiful unicorns and the scary darkness... it's heart wrenching play on evil vs. innocence is wonderful... excellent movie today... transcends time as a classic in my opinion... i forgot it was even tom cruise until i watched it again a few years ago... doesn't matter to me. i love it!
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By jhight1
Written January 18, 2014
Like travelling back in time. A classic movie.
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