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By snorkydoodle61
Written November 11, 2014
ATTENTION: If you plan on taking the little ones to see this "Owl Cartoon", DON'T. Yes it is from the makers of "Happy Feet", however, it is definitely NOT like Happy Feet. It is sinister, dreary, and downright scary...From mean spirited owls to baby owls coughing up dead mice pellets. This is NOT a family movie to bring children under 12 to! My 3 yr old granddaughter kept asking why the owls were so "mean" and "when are they going to sing and dance?". Because the movie promoted itself as a production from the makers of "Happy Feet", we expected a joyous adventure. What we got was a wonderful artistry of blow-yer-mind graphics involving the kidnapping of young owlets thrown into a concentration camp to pick at dead mice pellets amid dark and dreary scenery. It was more like Lord of the Ring meets artists of Happy Feet. After the scene where the helpless bluebird is captured by the throat, we exited the theater and I demanded a refund. A film much too intense for little ones.
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Fantastic and Not So Violent

By carly18
Written November 11, 2014
I just went to see this movie with my boyfriend (because I love owls!). He was very reluctant to go, but we were both pleasantly surprised. It was very well done, with all the elements of a carefully done children's epic. I am quite exasperated with all the people who said it was 'violent' and 'too dark for children'. Honestly, someone objected that the 'owl threw up a mouse' (it was actually an owl pellet, and they do tend to do that). I would like to report that there was NO BLOOD at all in the entire movie, and although the plot was a little dark, I dont think its anything most well adjusted children cant handle. I actually read a review that said the ROADRUNNER clip before the film was too violent. Really? Its roadrunner, he gets hit with two rockets and only looks a little singed! I think parents need to reexamine their concept of 'violence'. Anyway, it was a very cute movie with a reasonable plot and great graphics, with lots of feel good sentiments throughout. Loved it!
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not for smaller kids

By cbrvfr
Written November 11, 2014
Honestly, are we so desensitized to violence that it's ok to put metal claws on birds and hack their enemies, impale them on sticks, burn them etc.? Overall, a visually stunning move and enjoyable. But NOT for little kids!
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Five Word Review

By Mike's Movietime
Written September 25, 2010
Boring Disjointed Pointless Muddy Lifeless
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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

By incineraptor
Written October 07, 2010
The CGI renderings are phenomenal: you can see every nuance of feathers, every vein in the leaves of the trees. Go see the movie for a beautiful visual experience. I had 2 problems with the movie: 1) I couldn't understand moments of dialogue, due to the British (or maybe Aussie) accents of the actors. 2) The movie had pacing problems: for instance, the owlets' capture was a scene that lost my interest early in the movie, because the scene dragged on too long to make its point: yeah, these are cute owlets. Yeah, they're in big danger. . . Several scenes involving Twilight's singing were also slow. I never understood the purpose of the Snake (Mrs. P). After the owlets were captured, Mrs. P didn't contribute plot-wise to the movie, and yet she was hauled around by the owls as they flew over the ocean. Whatever for? 'Course, the "Mrs. P problem" may have been a plot failing in the book, and the movie was just trying to stay "true" to the author's original story.
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