Left Behind Synopsis
A small group of survivors are left behind after millions of people suddenly vanish and the world is plunged into chaos and destruction.
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A Quality Retelling of a Story About to be Witnessed

By seanrichards1736
Compared to the original, the extended budget along with the new cast were perfect in not only setting the mood perfectly presented in the book series, but even beyond that there was so much more....

Great movie!

By prinlardi
Christians should support anything that brings the good news of Messiah to the world instead of criticizing what in your opinion wasn't "perfect"! It's a shame to read some comments ... Step up and...

A must see!

By 704047351
I recommend the family go see this!...

Go see it this weekend!

By seanrfindley
Whether you're a Christian or not, this is a great PG movie for the whole family. The airplane visual effects are amazing on the big screen too....


It was very much different from what I was expecting, but it was a pretty good flick. I thought that the acting was good, and Mr. Cage played his part well. Lea Thomsom's clearing of the airport...


By aengus
It was spellbinding my awesome!! SEE IT Can't wait for the rest of them!!...

Loved it. Different but same plot.

By togetcece
It's more up to date technology. It's a bit different from the originals but still very good and gets the same point across. It's realistic, up to date lifestyles, with a clear message of being left...

Love this series of books !

By Kimdelacreme
I enjoyed Nicholas Cage in this role . Believable characters . Lower budget film compared to big blockbusters . But they did a fine job . Cant wait for another one in the series !...

Ugh no!

By Yazmilsoriano915
I'm not sure what book some people on here read but this movie focused on a flight that I the book is no more than 2 chapters!!! I was looking foward to a high budget version and this sorely fell...

Not preachy but opens your eyes to the Rapture event.

By nc2kid
I haven't read the books nor seen the original movies. The movie starts a few hours before the Rapture and goes through some hours afterwards. The focus is the event and the chaos shortly after but...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence/Peril, Some Thematic Elements and Brief Drug Content
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