Lee Daniel's The Butler : Racial History From A Unique Perspective

By Bountiful
Written August 21, 2013
With humor and pathos and realism, this film sets forth the life of a blac man whose personal journey mirrors the turmoil of his times. Cecil's willingness to learn, to serve, to survive bring him to work at the White House, where he quitely obsreves -- and perhaps influences --the history of our country.
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A movie that put things into perspective

By uniqueclary
Written August 21, 2013
You never really appreciate certain aspects of life until you see it through the eyes of the Butler. This movie surprised me I did not know what to expect only to leave with a sense of pride, humility, appreciation, respect and a different perspective on life and how things we take for granted or overlook might be a stepping stone to history changing. This movie eloquently took us through a journey of America through different eyes and I felt the characters were no longer people you read in the history books but you saw the emotion and inner struggles as they dealt with the struggles of the world around them. I think this movie is great to start a dialogue among youth and elders, black and white and families throughout America. I say MUST GO to the Butler.
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Truly excellent in every way

By warnerv
Written July 24, 2014
Great historical movie. Forest deserves Oscar. Acting was wonderful, especially Oprah. Great editing and photographs and videos - true videos from the past. Definitely GOOOO. You will learn a lot.
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By TheBdog
Written August 17, 2013
Based on reviews I had read, I knew Lee Daniels "The Butler" would be good, but what I didn't anticipate, was just how good it would be. This is one of those rare movies where everything fits together perfectly. The story was riveting, the acting superb and production design stunning. I felt as if I was side by side with Cecil Gaines and his family during the turbulent 60's and beyond. What really puzzles me is that I was sitting next to a guy in the theater and he was telling me about how there were 40 producers on this movie due to the challenges of getting it made. Memo to Hollywood,.....less Lone Ranger (200+ Million Dollar Budget) and more movies like Lee Daniels "The Butler" (35 Million Budget). This clearly shows how out of touch most of Hollywood is with the movie going public. Back to my review,.....The Butler will go down as one of the best films of the year, many Oscar nods are coming, and it should be required viewing for all Americans. Brian
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Lee Daniel's The Butler

By philipcantone
Written September 01, 2013
What a wonderful movie! Oprah and Forest Whitacker gave Oscar worthy performances. Enjoyed all the actors portrayals of historic figures of the twentieth century. This movie made me laugh and cry several times. I grew up during these decades and it brought back many memories and emotions and puts everything into perspective. So glad for these Freedom Fighters and for the insider's vantage point and price he paid for all his family's sufferings while he truly served his country. The best film by far I've seen in all my 60 years! Thank you for making it. It needed to be told for the younger generations.
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