The Butler is a MUST SEE film!

By richvaman
Written May 01, 2017
I saw the movie 'The Butler' yesterday and it's a GREAT film. It's an outstanding mix of actual facts (it's based upon a true story) and fictional storytelling. The acting is superb, especially by Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey.
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So much I didn't realize growing up in the 60's

By luvbmmp
Written August 18, 2013
The film is a 'must see.' It was well written, well directed; casting was fantastic, set design and costuming were fabulous. I graduated from high school in 1965 and there was so much that I didn't realize while living through it. But then white America wouldn't have living in California. I was not shocked, I was just amazed at how oblivious people can be to the times that they were living in. Go see it, that your kids. Amazing.
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This movie will make you more American

By adamjohnson17
Written August 21, 2013
Most of us have been taught about the civil rights movement in school, but that doesn't quite make you FEEL it. This movie puts you in the shoes of a black American male before, during and after this monumental part of our country's history, a history that sparked the advancement of civil rights around the world! There's a number of amazing actors that help this movie move you!!
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The Butler

By vwomwoods
Written March 23, 2017
The Butler was an excellent movie. Lee Daniels is to be commended. The acting, directing and cinematography was excellent. It truly was a movie that sometimes made you laugh and many times you wanted to cry. It was a reminder of all the atrocitiest that people of color had to live on a daily basis for many years. It is a movie that should be seen by children and adults. It is also a reivew of some of the important things that happened during each administration. This movie should receive an academy award: Lee Daniels for Best Director and Forrest Whittaker for Best Actor. I am going to see it again.
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Lee Daniels the Butler

By luegre2003
Written February 27, 2017
The movie was fantastic. The storyline has substance. It shows how DNA does not determine everything in your life. Each member of the family has his or her own thoughts and value system. It shows that in spite of our differences love is always the one constant and with it we can value each other.
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