The Butler Comments

By pianoman301
Written August 17, 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed and was touched by this movie. In part because I grew up when many of these things happened and remember what it was like to see on television as a child the sweeping changes evolve in this country. It is important to not forget our history and all that brought us where we are today-- the good the bad and in many cases, the ugly. I commend Lee Daniels for bringing this element of our history to light in this way. It reminds me of The Help in some ways-- in that it brings to light a side that the majority of people never even consider-- yet it was very, very real. All the struggles that people endured in order to survive. Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey are beautifully cast in their respective roles. I appreciated the conflicts between father and son, husband and wife, provider and supporter. They both delivered very believable performances. I would see it again, and take someone young who needs to "understand--and appreciate."
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i laffed i cried- go see it

By paetonwooden
Written December 28, 2014
went to see the butler for date nite last nite. it was like forest gump in that it followed the life of the main character thru a bunch of historical events. even used some of the same clips from the race riots I think. very good movie. I laffed I cried what more could u ask from a movie? forest whittaker & oprah were outstanding and cuba was hiliarious. must see.
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Lee Daniels' The Butler

By rjarmul
Written December 29, 2014
A truly outstanding movie. You felt like you were living the history of the Civil Rights movement. It brought me back to my youth in the 1960's. The movie made me remember that, even though our nation is far from perfect, we have come a long way from the earliest days portrayed.
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Great movie!

By heather_teague
Written October 07, 2013
I don't know what I was expecting from this movie, but honestly not much. I finally went to see it because there really wasn't much else playing and I wanted to see a movie. Very thought provoking and excellent acting. I learned a TON. Would highly recommend!
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"The Butler" serves us all very well

By Satch1945
Written August 22, 2014
I was initially hesitant to see the movie, but I must say I am extremely happy I did. The main characters, played by Forest and Oprah, were excellent in their portrayals ... their ability to show the range of emotions needed, both subtle and overt. is outstanding. The supporting cast, from their sons, to Gooding, Jr., Howard, Marsden, Williams, Fonda, Cusack, Rickman and Schreiber were all excellent in their portrayals of those who lived during those tumultuous years. It is always heart wrenching to see what people (no matter color, or nationality) have endured throughout years and sometimes centuries, in order to make their lives better ... and just as heart wrenching to see the people that have tried to eradicate, or keep them in servitude. All those emotions and story line were so elegantly displayed in this movie. It is one for all people to see and appreciate...
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