Very well done

By dtbartholomew
Written August 17, 2013
This is an excellent movie. Not as much about the Presidents as I had imagine, but a meaningful story about a man, a family, and race in America in the mid-20th century. All the major actors, but particularly Forest Whittaker, should be up for an Academy award. Take the time to go see it.
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The Butler

By EX 007
Written September 23, 2014
Excellent movie, well acted and fascinating window into a perspective on American history that is, if not unique, very rare. The critics have been idiots; just did not get what Daniels was trying-and succeeding--to do.
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Lee Daniels The Butler

By trish242
Written September 03, 2013
The movie is brilliant.. As the movie transitioned through the various presidents, the services past and present related to the butler vs personal issues intertwined with real life events is brilliant!!! I was amazed by the actors chosen to play the various presidents they were excellent. This movie gave us a glimpse of what its was like to live in that time through the eyes of this butler. The movie is Oscar material.
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Lee Daniels' The Butler

By spliler
Written August 30, 2014
According to this, and another article, a lot of the movie was not true. The butler didn't have a second son at all .... So basically his older son didn't exist, didn't join the movement at college, didn't sit at "white" side of the lunch counter, get beaten & taken to jail, wasn't on the burning bus, wasn't in the black panthers, didn't meet Martin Luther King Jr. and his dad didn't ask for forgiveness from his son for not supporting his cause. He did have one son who went to Vietnam but came home alive. I liked the movie but I just wish they would have told the real story without all the embellishments or at least not lead viewers to think that it was true. I guess they just wanted to spice it up...
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Several deep breaths

Written August 22, 2013
Some are criticizing this movie as it is seen through a very specific lens. To be fair, the view is narrow and doesn't well represent excess in both directions. However, the view you see is to be expected. It s the world as seen from the eyes of Cecil Gaines... a dignified man who has seen and experienced deep hatred and the effects of prejudice and power over which he has no control. The movie was impactful and had me taking several deep breaths along the way. I left with a new appreciation for those that fought for "the soul of our country." I left with deep respect for a man of whom I had never heard... and the for the quiet dignity with which he carried himself throughout his life. I learned... I shed some tears.... and spent the rest of my evening in a much more quiet, and introspective way. Well done. This is a must see.
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