Too long and slow. Could have been a good story but

By emilyakarr
Written July 26, 2016
The main story about the butler and his family was good with good reminderes as to how far we have come with civil right. The actors were good. This movie seemed to want to rile everyone up again and take us backwards. A campaign statement for demoncrats and Obama who has done nothing for civil rights but again reminds us how far we have come. If we had not then there would be no black president. as ussual hollywood took huge liberties with the history. If you are going to say inspired by a true story then at least get your history straight.
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Lee Daniels' The Butler

By stcandersn
Written January 16, 2017
The story of his life was amazingly portrayed, I cried the last 30 minutes of the film. I wish they would have shown more of his life as a Butler in the White House and not so much liberal Hollywood crap.
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Great Movie

By tofu4everpig
Written January 18, 2017
I am a fourteen year old girl so I was slightly worried that this movie would be boring. It was the opposite. There were always different conflicts that kept popping up and every character's personality developed a lot by the end of the movie.
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Lee Daniel's The Butler

By philipcantone
Written September 01, 2013
What a wonderful movie! Oprah and Forest Whitacker gave Oscar worthy performances. Enjoyed all the actors portrayals of historic figures of the twentieth century. This movie made me laugh and cry several times. I grew up during these decades and it brought back many memories and emotions and puts everything into perspective. So glad for these Freedom Fighters and for the insider's vantage point and price he paid for all his family's sufferings while he truly served his country. The best film by far I've seen in all my 60 years! Thank you for making it. It needed to be told for the younger generations.
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The Butler

By dmcmfarley
Written October 26, 2016
My emotions were absolutely all over the place! I wept several times and as I walked out of the theatre I had to use great control not to weep. A wonderful film that touched on many difficult times in American history. Superb acting, although I must admit that Oprah was Oprah.
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