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Last chance

By bbooth16
Written August 01, 2014
As this was probably the last time the 3 surviving members will play a show I had to see it. Overall it was outstanding. My only complaint is that it should have been much louder in the theater.
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Just Great

By stevo3048
Written November 27, 2014
It was a perfect show!! Two hours of most of the classic LZ music with no trickery, just good shots of great musicians playing. They had lost very little in this wonderful tribute show.
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Lack luster at best...

By kat312
Written August 28, 2014
They talked about how this was going to be surround sound and went on and on about the sound quality. Well the sound sucked and really took away from the movie. It was a stereo mix in the front speakers only with some audience put in the remaining speakers. It was a pretty boring production of an iconic band. I asked to fix the sound and they said it was a satellite feed and couldn't do anything more. BORING BORING BORING! The sound in my living room would've sounded bigger and better. The overall production of this whole show was a snore fest. We've seen other iconic bands done much better and bigger.... this was so boring and uneventful. Don't bother!
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Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

By Brian13084
Written October 25, 2014
Going to see Led Zeppelin Celebration Day I felt that I was going to be able to witness a concert that I never would have been able to see without this movie and for that I am grateful. I would have loved to have seen this version second. The first version of this concert film I would have liked to have felt more like an audience member. As a piece of music documentation I felt that the editing was a little too over the top.The wide shots that showed the full stage and what a live audience member was watching were sufficient for my viewing pleasure. Let the music and musicians be the center of attention. My friend said he felt like he was watching a car chase. Now don't get me wrong, the music kicked butt. Page was on it! Plant's voice was great. Jason and John Paul what a rhythm section. The music wasn't the problem, the editing of the movie of the music was.
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By donny5345
Written August 23, 2014
A true tribute to what rock n roll is. A wonderful concert film.......... Should not be missed by anyone who has ever heard Zep in concert or not------a must see.................
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