• Released
  • October 17, 2012
  • (Additional showing on 10/18/12)
  • R , 2 hr 5 min
  • Concert/Special Events

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day

By reynoldsg.net
Written February 14, 2016
This was almost as good as being at the concert. It was great to see Led Zeppelin and to listen to their timeless music. The original Led Zeppelin members (Page, Jones and Plant) show a lot of affection for the drummer (who was the son of an original member), who died several years ago. That was really nice to see. The Theatre was very comfortable and the movie time was perfect as it gave me a chance to leave work, eat and get to the Theatre on time. The movie staff came out and introduced the movie (which was a very good personal touch). I have no complaints even though there were some small difficulties with the projector (in the beginning). However, this was quickly rectified. The picture and sound was very good and I will look back at this as a wonderful experience. I will plan to do this again (at the same theatre). Thank you, Greg
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Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day"

By gonzo1369
Written April 29, 2016
Very disappointed with Film. Left 15 min into the movie. Quality was bad, looked grainy and unclear in shots. More like a bootleg version. Sound system was worse, after all this is Led Zeppelin your going to lose some hearing...but not in this version. It was bad, the theatre turned up the volume but it didn't help. After looking forward to seeing this movie for weeks it was a big let down. Hope the Blue Ray is better! Seeing Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham Jr. after so long, this should have been awesome for the fans. Sadly it was not for this fan.. I even wore my 1977 Led Zeppelin t-shirt for the ocassion. With technology being what it is, what happened here!! This was NO CELEBRATION DAY.
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Epic Fail from Film Distributor @ Lighthouse Cinema in Pacific Grove, CA

By geekpro
Written August 26, 2016
Went to See the "One Night Only" showing of Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Tonight. However, there was a Theater Authentication Code Failure at the Lighthouse Cinema in Pacific Grove, CA. So, after waiting almost 2 hours, we were all told that a gentleman in the UK at the Film Distributors Office who emails out the digital authentication codes to each theater, which enables the Digital Film to play, was giving up after 3 of the codes failed to work. So, we all missed the 'one night only' showing of the Zeppelin 'Live Concert Film' and the A hole at the UK office said he was giving up and going to bed. Thanks A Lot.... (distributor responsible = Omniverse Vision UK)
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Don't think! Just go tonight! (10/18/12)

By Hollygram
Written July 01, 2016
Insane how good this show was!! 2 hours, 16 songs, Jason Bonham taking the helm at the drums . . . and "Celebration Day" is a must-see on the big screen!! They hit it perfectly! Once I got over how much Robert Plant and Jimmy Page have changed (didn't even recognize John Paul Jones!), I sank into the perfection that IS Led Zeppelin. And they played it true without messing with that perfection. Occasionally, you see a young Robert emerge in his face, stance & mannerism while he navigates his vocals in his current range capabilities perfectly! Jimmy killed it (complete with a double neck guitar on Stairway) and JPJ was amazing on bass and keyboard! Jason served his Father's memory extremely well with talent that is clearly in his blood! This is a show not to be missed on the big screen, and only one more showing tonight, Oct 18th. Don't think! Just go! (the show was sold out by show time, so buying on Fandango is the way to go)
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The Hammer of the Gods is still swinging

By tajvida
Written February 12, 2016
The Hammer of the Gods is still swinging - albeit a kindler and gentler one... Here you have it folks...Led Zeppelin's goodbye letter, caught spectacularly in film, showing that at least as of 2007, no other band can touch the mighty Zep... It is all on display In Celebration Day, and the celebratory mood seems to be present in everybody in attendance, and onstage as well, with the exception of one Mr. Robert Plant... Planty certainly gives it his best effort, and can not be accused of "phoning" it in by any means...Unfortunately, the vibe that Robert's head and heart are no longer in the Zeppelin camp, was hard to ignore. While everyone else on stage was smiling at times and engaged, Plant struggled to hit notes he routinely once bashed through, even when the band tuned down a step to accomodate his present vocal abilities. (Which are still prodigious compared to most other rock singers.) The movie is a must for Zep fans...Go see it!
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