• Released
  • October 17, 2012
  • (Additional showing on 10/18/12)
  • R , 2 hr 5 min
  • Concert/Special Events

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Led Zeppelin Still Rocks

By mschelie
Written October 19, 2012
The movie was absolutely awesome. Jason was remarkable! I must say that Robert Plant's voice is still incredible and Jimmy Page can play the hell out of a guitar and last but definitely not least, John Paul Jones can play a hell of a bass! We enjoyed every single minute of the concert!1
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Concert-like experience in a movie theater?

By clarkejimw
Written October 19, 2012
Truly a mesmorizing experience. Supposedly ol' has-beens & minus rock's greatest drummer didn't slow this band from creating a concert for the ages. No expensed spared in filming this & sound quality was like being there. I saw Zep 4 times in my youth and this was knock-out punch to the face reminder that there never has been a more powerful live presence in the history of rock n roll. I feel blessed for having made it to this event & seen it on the big screen, i don't see how the DVD will do it justice.
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That was AMAZING!

By cpudan293
Written October 18, 2012
I am SO happy I didn't wait for it to come out on DVD and went to the theater with a large group. The place was packed and everyone clapped after every song. 2 encores and it was truly the next best thing to have seen it live.
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Celebration Day

By bweber58
Written October 29, 2012
Movie was great but sound was not loud enough in theater. Several people asked the staff to turn it up, but it was not loud enough!!
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Grande Finale

By ProfessorDan
Written October 19, 2012
What a thrill to see Page, Plant, and Jones on stage again, with Bonham's son. A great performance - unbelievable how good they were on stage.I was worried that 30 years would show in the performance, but if it did, it was only in the sense that they were better. Tons of energy. Plant is still a golden god, just a little more grizzled. Led Zep had a few unfortunate public performances since Bonham's death, but this concert makes up for that in spades. The movie was a celebration, but also a farewell to an era, and I was both thrilled and a little melancholy that it was likely their final hurrah. But it's the best hurrah they could have offered.
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