• Released
  • October 17, 2012
  • (Additional showing on 10/18/12)
  • R , 2 hr 5 min
  • Concert/Special Events

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Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day"

By mr31
Written September 18, 2014
Highly disappointing! The sound quality (don't know if it was the theatre or the movie) was terrible. The videography and camera work was unimaginative and average at best. Camera angles showed nothing exciting and did not give you the feel of being at the show at all. Combine that with the horrible sound quality and don't waste your time or money. And this is coming from a huge Zep fan.
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Movie is problably great, but the theatre sux

By goldenboypapano
Written October 28, 2014
i went to the premiere last nite at the Opry Mills theater in Nashville. the surround sound was FUBAR. it seemed like Led Zep was killing it, but it was nearly impossible to tell from how bad the sound was. when i said something to the manager on duty afterwards, he said they did the best they could, but that they're system was incompatible with the movie that they were sent. where i was seated, i couldn't hear Plant or JPJ for most of the show. Page's guitar was either too loud or non-existent, and througout the show, various things would get blasted for a few seconds and then disappear. the trailer that i watched on my computer the day before sounded a zillion times better. don't waste your money at opry mills tonite, wait for the DVD.
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Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

By ivegotapea
Written November 21, 2014
The movie itself was incredible! I've been a fan of the band since I can remember, and although the band members are more seasoned, they've still got "it"! A definite must see for all! The music, the moves, incredible! As far as the theater, the website had IMAX written all over it, which led most of us to believe that the movie would be in the IMAX format. It was not. Then, the sound was not good. The manager had come out to tell us that it had something to do with the original recording. I beg to differ. It was just a really bad feed. I'm very upset and very disappointed in the theater.
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The Energy is Still There. Get the "LED" out!!!!

By alieev23
Written December 20, 2014
If you were a kid in the 70's long before pop and hip hop sensations like Bieber and Spears, you'll know Led Zeppelin. Do yourself a favor and get the "Led" out. Learn something about the greatness of Classic Rock and Roll. They don't make bands like this anymore. The old man Page rocked the crap out of that guitar at one point using his violin bow. John Bonham’s (died 1980) son Jason Bonham played drums (flawless) and would have done his papa proud, a great drummer in his own right. Visuals were amazing, camera focus on instruments, excellent. Robert Plants voice was in great shape considering his 60 plus years of age and although hitting high notes was a bit more difficult, all in all a great job. In conclusion, and for those seeking air guitar/drum playing opportunities (none too many nowadays) a good time is to be had by all. Historic and inspiring, climb the Stairway to Heaven for this Led Zeppelin concert is definitely a must see.
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10/17 is hereby declared "Celebration Day"...

By zanucklindsey
Written December 27, 2014
Amazing! A powerful testament to Led Zeppelin and the longevity of their music. Impeccably captured on film. Great final performance by the best heavy rock band of all time....I was headbanging in my seat! Can't wait for the blu-ray on 11/19....
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