• Released
  • October 17, 2012
  • (Additional showing on 10/18/12)
  • R , 2 hr 5 min
  • Concert/Special Events

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Led Zeppelin Celebration Day

By Mirwren0221
Written October 18, 2012
I would love to have seen it. I bought my tickets through Fandango and picked them up 2 days later. We got to the Carmike theater an hour before show time and bought drinks and popcorn. We went to the Ticket Guy. He said and I quote, "Oh no. You have to talk to the Manager. Let me find him." This was most ominous. The manager patiently explained (while my entire being began faltering) that they were having trouble with the satellite transmission from London and he had been awaiting an email clearing everything all day. He refunded our ticket prices. He refunded our concessions. He gave us a free viewing of Taken2. I couldn't be angry with him; he really tried. To say I am so, so, so sad doesn't even cover it. I have been in love with this band and their music since I was 13 years old (long time - take my word for it). I couldn't see the O2 show and this was as close as I was going to get to front row view. DVD 4 me I guess. I'm just sad. Congrats to all who saw it. I know it was great.
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By Harleyowner2
Written January 27, 2015
It was AWESOME!!! It is almost better than seeing them live on stage because on screen they are BIGGER than life size. Love the up close of their faces. It fills up the screen very nicely. I wish it was more than just one night thou. Like once a month. I had a AWESOME time! I couldn't stop head baging and lip sinking to the songs! I've been loving Zeppelin since I was in High School in the early 1970's and still rock out to them now and will forever! Thanks for bring them to the big screen!!! I hope some day Zeppelin will be back on the big screen again!
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Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day! (02 Arena 2005)

By apanos2012
Written August 30, 2014
This show was absolutely fabulous! I went to a cinemark theater and they cranked the volume full blast with no distortion and I swear I felt like I was there at the show 5 years ago in 7:1 surround sound! It was great, Jimi just whaling away and Robert in command of the mike and John Paul the master of the bass just thumping along and most of all, Jason did such a great job, his father would have been proud of him if he was here to experience this great moment. I highly suggest that everybody pickup the Bluray DVD when it is released on 19 Nov 2012, HURRY, TONIGHT (18 Oct 2012) IS THE LAST NIGHT!!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!
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Celebration Night

By tstankavich
Written December 28, 2014
This was great footage of the show. I was worried about Plants voice and Bonhams drumming....By "No Quarter" (3rd song) everything was put to rest. That performance was amazing on every level. I would love to see a tour (won't happen I know). This is the first time I can remember ever seeing them all smile after every song. Can't wait for the DVD.
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By healerval
Written March 01, 2015
Wow - I felt as though I was seating in the audience at this concert. The speakers should be put out more surround sound on the sides - otherwise it was awesome! I grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and they selected the best songs out of their 10 albums to perform live in front of this audience. I couldn't stop dancing in my seat the entire time!!
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