Leaving Las Vegas Synopsis
A man (Nicolas Cage) drinking himself to death finds solace with a hooker (Elisabeth Shue).
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Suicide is Not Painless

By amamoviecritic
Absolutely gut-wrenching and difficult from beginning to end, to long after you have watched this film! Very few films can worm themselves into a person’s psyche, but this one is more than capable:...

Leaving Las Vegas review

By jodyandcobee
an alcoholics life to the T. Great...

Painful in a good way

By redyeah
There are many times in this movie where it is painful to watch Nicolas Cage go through his alcohol problem to the point the viewer simply feels abused. But that progression is what makes this a...


By lugubriousthespian
Mike Figgis' LEAVING LAS VEGAS is at times excrutiating to watch and yet absolutely riveting from opening montage to poignant fade out. Nicholas Cage gives the performance of a lifetime here as the...


By ceciperaza28

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