Good Grief! What are you thinking!?!?!?

By Beach Princess
Written April 02, 2008
Why, oh why, do people rate movies they haven't seen!?!?!? This isn't helpful and it is aggravating to those of us who look to the fan reviews for true reviews of movies. "Review" means you have reviewed it. Please wait until after you have seen the movie to give us something worthwhile to read. Thank you very much!!
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If you haven't seen it.....please don't comment!

By lewras
Written April 04, 2008
No one cares how much you do or do not want to see a movie. We only read these reviews to get some idea of what people thought of it AFTER THEY HAVE SEEN IT! If you haven't seen it, PLEASE DON'T COMMENT! It's rediculous how far you have to scroll down to find any useful comments from someone intelligent enough to wait until they have viewed the movie before rating it. I appologize for being somewhat of a hypocrite by even making these remarks here because I haven't seen the movie yet. But I'm not rating the movie, I'm rating you numbsculls who are rating it without seeing it; and I'm rating you as definitely OH NO!
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By austin364
Written April 12, 2008
this movie was ok
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big disappointment

By ninjamaster62
Written May 01, 2008
I had heard that this movie was fun and different and entertaining, but when I went to watch it, I was thoroughly disappointed. It was kind of a boring story, and the characters were boring, and halfway through I thought to myself, "I really really don't care at all what happens in this movie." No one I was with enjoyed this film very much at all. There were a couple of funny parts, but not enough to warrant sitting through the entire thing.
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Funny and lighthearted

By drkydory
Written May 18, 2008
This movie was basically funny and lighthearted. Great music. I sat there and just laughed. It was entertaining but not amazing.
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