An act of kindness

By matt.vierra
Written April 29, 2017
From the start the movie is the struggle of a marine vet dealing with the wounds of 3 years of War,flashbacks and tormentment of self quilt ,the scars of the battlefield never leave him as he now relives them at home Tuscon,Arizona .On a downward spiral of booze and memories of war that haunt him he now has a chance to make a difference when a young boy living next door looses his mother to a drug overdose.Gripping and touching the two need each other to save there lives.I loved this movie and the acting was superb!!!
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Least Among Saints

By martypapazian
Written January 16, 2017
"A deep and authentically moving story...well-calibrated direction with strong performances distinguishes this special piece!" Gary Goldstein - Los Angeles TIMES "The best and most meaningful film I've seen recently seen…tough and gritty, but definitely worth the ride." Jill Lynne - Huffington Post "A very touching, true-to-life drama with compelling performances. Martin Papazian is a rising star, perfect for the role, who directs his own screenplay with a careful eye on emotion and character." Jeffrey Lyons - LYONS DEN RADIO " A shining monument to the power of the human spirit…Papazian has a strong directorial hand...the movie brings more than one tear to the appreciative eye...If you're sick and tired of all the blockbuster shoot-'em-ups, try Least Among Saints." Joe Smigelski - Huffington Post “This drama has been put together by filmmakers who passionately cared about telling this story." Chicago Daily Herald
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Least Among Saints

By mikep137
Written February 21, 2017
I attended the opening night showing of “Least Among Saints” in San Diego. Shrouded in guilt and displaced anger, the main character, a war veteran, leads a troubled and aimless life; but through an unlikely friendship with an orphaned boy, a healing process begins. This movie moved me on multiple levels. I am by no means a war veteran and the closest I’ve come to combat action has been watching news coverage on TV. This film gave me a deeper understanding and a clear portrayal of what our war veterans actually endure when they return home and are forced to deal with the mental scars suffered from doing their job. Set in suburban America, The film had a very realistic story line that any watcher could identify with. The acting was phenomenally true to form and the film had many powerfully symbolic images and scenes. Without a doubt, this film deserves my full mark of approval and recommendation. It is a work of art that is both moving and entertaining
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Least Among Saints

By nthompto
Written May 31, 2016
A very good movie. It really had a good message & I had a lot of compassion for the characters in the movie. Very believable story. More people should see movies like this to understand what our soldiers go through. The writing was a bit jumpy but the message came across.
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By seli.marset
Written April 23, 2017
It is a wonderful tale that’s captivating & beautifully told. A heartwarming journey of a war vet & a young boy that is heartbreaking & their bond & friendship helps them find light & hope again in their lives. It’s beautifully told & expect excellent performances, an absolute must see!!
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