Least Among Saints Synopsis
A veteran helps his troubled 10-year-old neighbor find his long-lost father, who might not exist.
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New York Post

By Farran Smith Nehme
The results are too predictable.
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The forced plotting and Lifetime movie-style tearjerking are a chore, and commercial prospects look narrow, but if this is indeed a...
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
Least Among Saints has the strained feel of a basic cable television movie, with modest production values to match.
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Austin Chronicle

By Marc Savlov
Least Among Saints is a heartfelt if not exactly heartwarming story of two wounded males, but despite top-notch performances from all the...
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The New York Times

By Jeannette Catsoulis
Though both actors deliver performances more credible than the plot that frames them, their authenticity only highlights the script's...
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Village Voice

There's nothing but skin-deep warmth to Least Among Saints, a film in which any authority figure who can't magically sober up and play...
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Slant Magazine

By Chuck Bowen
As a portrait of a self-pitying drunk's wet dream of inexplicable atonement, it's fairly effective, but as a story meant to take place on...
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An act of kindness

By matt.vierra
From the start the movie is the struggle of a marine vet dealing with the wounds of 3 years of War,flashbacks and tormentment of self quilt ,the scars of the battlefield never leave him as he now...

Least Among Saints

By mikep137
I attended the opening night showing of “Least Among Saints” in San Diego. Shrouded in guilt and displaced anger, the main character, a war veteran, leads a troubled and aimless life; but through an...

Least Among Saints

By martypapazian
"A deep and authentically moving story...well-calibrated direction with strong performances distinguishes this special piece!" Gary Goldstein - Los Angeles TIMES "The best and most meaningful...


By seli.marset
It is a wonderful tale that’s captivating & beautifully told. A heartwarming journey of a war vet & a young boy that is heartbreaking & their bond & friendship helps them find light & hope again in...

Least Among Saints

By nthompto
A very good movie. It really had a good message & I had a lot of compassion for the characters in the movie. Very believable story. More people should see movies like this to understand what our...

Least Among Saints

By ssmb1705
This is a must see movie. It will really hit a home run with all!...

Least Among Saints is compassionate and compelling

By dandbar
This is a beautiful, human film. Marty Papazian's performance is not to be missed. Across the board the performances hit every note. The story is beautifully constructed and carries us along at a...


By arianebariestern
This movie is a must see. It is intelectual, emotional and informative. It is rare to find a movie that pulls at your heart strings while remaining truthful, but Least Among Saints accomplishes it....

I highly recommend seeing Least Among Saints!

By G Lee
This is a beautiful story of raw suffering. It is the balance of responding to an opening when not much in your past has any relationship to it. It is mustering your courage to walk with the new and...

Review of Least Among Saints

By Smanssor94
This movie was really good something i would see over and over again. I have a lot of respect for the people that are in the military and to see kind of a perspective of what they go through helps...

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