By camaro909
Written December 22, 2009
I saw this movie as a preview. There were a lot of families in the audience and a lot of people were laughing. But the movie is very predictable and cheesy! The movies also seems to drag out. I'm not sure what happens in the last third of the movie. After 2/3rds of the movie, I walked out.
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A Small Slice of Love and Happiness.

By Biphies
Written January 18, 2010
Too often, these days, I leave the theatre feeling jarred or jilted by what I see. I can't remember the last time I saw an adult movie that didn't have sex, violence, or graphic language and innuendo. Frankly, I feel the world is graphic enough. Why should I pay upwards of ten dollars or more to see what can be seen on the evening news? Leap Year was a refreshing break from the glitz and glamorization of the demoralization of the human race. If anything, it was a sweet reminder of what a little love can do to better the world and its people; a lesson we seem to have forgotten to pass onto our children. The banter was cute, the situations amusing, and at the end of the movie you left feeling like the world was just a little bit happier than when you entered. This is a great movie to see with your significant other, your friends, or as a mom and daughter duo. If you're looking for a light and happy break from the world that will make heart smile, go see Leap Year.
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Hidden Morals?!?

By navystudent
Written January 18, 2010
To be honest, this really is just another copy & paste romantic comedy. Or is it? In my quick, roll-the-credits analysis I discovered something odd: there was no lying, cheating, sexual innuendo, or even (oh my gosh!) sex itself! Even so, it has done quite well for itself. If you're like me and enjoy a good, clean-cut film, this is a must see; if you like some crudeness, then this movie will not deliver, so don't bother. This is the first movie I've seen that has taken the ultimate cliche ending and made it spectacularly special. Just go and enjoy it.
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Leap Year Made my Heart Leap

By Greeneyes279
Written January 09, 2010
My sister and I went to see this movie and both of us loved it! We talked about it on the way home to relive moments in the film. The chemistry between Amy Adams and Matthew Goode was electric; things really clicked with them and you could feel the sparks between them. It was funny, witty and a terrific love story all done within the gorgeous scenery of Ireland. Loved that little grin of Matthew's and the witty banter between him and Amy. I'd definitely like to buy the DVD and see it again. Don't listen to the critics. Go see it and enjoy the movie, the cast was terrific, the setting was terrific and to me it has a lot to offer and was worth the money. Why pick apart the movie, just relax and enjoy the movie for what it is - an excellent romantic comedy that delivered what was intended! Ahhhh, yes... ;)
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Good Clean Fun

By cayorda_okisan_genki
Written January 22, 2010
Leap Year may have been predictable, but it was well done and entertaining. Lots of laughs and good clean fun. Definitely worth going.
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