Lawrence Tibbett
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1896

Worked With

Year Name Title
1949 Edward G. Robinson House of Strangers
1949 Debra Paget House of Strangers
1949 Alberto Morin House of Strangers
1949 Richard Conte House of Strangers
1949 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. House of Strangers
1949 Herb Vigran House of Strangers
1949 Susan Hayward House of Strangers
1949 Hope Emerson House of Strangers
1949 Luther Adler House of Strangers
1949 Howard Mitchell House of Strangers
1949 John Kellogg House of Strangers
1949 Frank Jaquet House of Strangers
1936 Sherry Hall Under Your Spell
1936 Creighton Hale Under Your Spell
1936 George Magrill Under Your Spell
1936 Berton Churchill Under Your Spell
1936 Madge Bellamy Under Your Spell
1936 Wendy Barrie Under Your Spell
1936 Jack Mulhall Under Your Spell
1936 Gregory Ratoff Under Your Spell
1936 Bruce Mitchell Under Your Spell
1936 Boyd Irwin Under Your Spell
1936 Josef Swickard Under Your Spell
1936 Charles Sherlock Under Your Spell
1936 Arthur Treacher Under Your Spell
1935 Virginia Bruce Metropolitan
1935 Thurston Hall Metropolitan
1935 Cesar Romero Metropolitan
1935 Jane Darwell Metropolitan
1935 Ruth Donnelly Metropolitan
1935 Alice Brady Metropolitan
1931 Louise Fazenda The Cuban Love Song
1931 Jimmy Durante The Cuban Love Song
1931 Lupe Velez The Cuban Love Song
1931 Ernest Torrence The Cuban Love Song
1931 Purnell Pratt The Prodigal
1931 Cliff Edwards The Prodigal
1931 John Larkin The Prodigal
1931 Roland Young The Prodigal
1931 Hedda Hopper The Prodigal
1931 Esther Ralston The Prodigal
1931 Emma Dunn The Prodigal
1931 Stepin Fetchit The Prodigal
1930 Adolphe Menjou New Moon
1930 Roland Young New Moon
1930 Stan Laurel The Rogue Song
1930 Oliver Hardy The Rogue Song
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