Lawrence of Arabia

By WrittenandStoned
Written November 27, 2007
A fictionalized biography of TE Lawrence and the Arab Revolt of 1916, Lawrence was credited with the Ottoman Empire's Arab insurgency when in fact it was Brittain's Foreign Office-Arab Bureau. As a motion picture with anti-war themes & political commentary on the ambitions of government, this movie shows how cutlures can compliment when compassion overrules loyalty to a country's politics. A timeless classic Lawrence provides ample social commentary on the determination and unity of a culture who if allied, may build a future for a peaceful society. While Academy Awards do not necessarily dictate excellence in cinema due to so many factors, including the year they are made & judged, Lawrence proves that even with the comparatively lengthy run time and the contemporary films made years later i.e. Braveheart, Three Kings, Syriana, etc.... Great acting by O'Toole, Quinn, Sharif along with superb cinematography by F.A. Young and of course, David Lean's comedic Directorial style.
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beautifully heartbreaking

By OutlandoDeBrazil
Written June 26, 2007
setting a man's search for his identity in the middle of the arabian desert, david lean and cinematographer f.a. young (i think that's his name) create one of the most beautiful and gentle portraits of a confused and lost hero.
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lawrence of arabia

By piscesmarchforth
Written April 09, 2007
a must see on a big screen.
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The Only way to See It

By StevenSidneyWelles
Written September 17, 2007
The only way to view a movie as epic and timeless as Lawrence is on the big screen in 70mm, which I just had the incredible experience of doing.
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One of the Best Shown as Good as it Gets!

By dmh84
Written August 10, 2010
Hard to believe it's almost 50 years old--this movie feels contemporary. Apart from being a stunning achievement, it remains as moving as when the brilliant screenplay was written--as evidenced by the audience response there at the Egyptian Theater, where it was shown in stunning, restored 70mm--like seeing it in absolute HD! Loved it--in fact, I seem to love it more each time I see it.
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