One of the greatest films ever made

By sanaegarcia
Written February 01, 2014
Seeing this great film at the iconic Egyptian Theater was such a treat. I've wanted to see Lawrence of Arabia for years but didn't want to see it on a small screen. My patience was well rewarded! This film is so beautifully shot. Really, if you can see it on the big screen, you must!
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Lawrence of Arabia

By trop_likes_movies
Written November 29, 2007
CLASSIC! SO GREAT to see this film again on the big screen. The last time I saw LofA was during its 30th Anniversary run after having recently moved to Los Angeles. Living in LA, it's a treat to be able to see films like this in their original format on the big screen. Director Lean is at his finest in this movie...EVERY shot so well thought out and SO beautiful on the screen. On a side note, working in the field of special events, I felt quite privileged to have bumped into Peter O'Toole at this past year's Oscars. I said hello to him and congratulated him on his Best Actor nomination for "Venus". Mr. O'Toole smiled back with those amazing blue eyes and returned the greeting. It was hard not to imagine him wearing the traditional Arabian robes and headwear. Outside of its incredibly long running time, LofA holds the test of time and, at 45 years old is still one of the best pictures of all time. Not to be missed if you have the chance to see on the big screen...
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A masterpiece.

By gensho
Written April 11, 2007
Directing, Cinematography, Music, Acting - all top notch.
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Lawrence of Arabia (70mm)

By IMAXtreme
Written November 29, 2009
The was one of the greatest movies and movie experiences of all time. Not only was the movie exciting and epic (4 hours long), but it was on a huge screen and projected in 70mm. The movie was filmed in 70mm so when it was projected it had incredible film quality. This is a movie experience you CANNOT MISS.
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Greatest film ever made?

By Soundzilla
Written May 25, 2008
Yes, it's provocative, but this could be the greatest film ever. After seeing it for the first time during its fully-restored 1989 re-release, I was hooked. Choose any frame from this masterpiece and it could easily serve as a stunning portrait for hanging. David Lean was so masterful at using the frame, and the brilliant screenplay by Robert Bolt will keep your attention through all 218 minutes. Likewise, Maurice Jarre's score is highly memorable. The thing that struck me most about this film was that it is based on a real historical figure, who changed the map of the middle-east, and whose actions resonate in our world today. They don't make films like this anymore and for some who grew up long after this was film was made, that may be a good ting for them. If you are interested in classic films, this one should not be missed, and will be studied by film scholars for decades to come.
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