Lawrence in 70mm

By tk338
Written April 07, 2015
Seeing Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen in 70 mm was a miraculous experience. This is undeniably one of the greatest films ever made and is absolutely enhanced ten-fold in the cinema with an audience. I was surprised how well it played, how often people were laughing. There were gasps when the famous jump cut from the match to the sunrise came onscreen. And cheers in the unforgettable moment Lawrence rescues Gasim. The booming score by Maurice Jarre, the sweeping desert landscapes, Peter O'Toole's towering performance, and of course David Lean's stunning direction---this is an extraordinary film, the pinnacle of the epic genre, and is highly recommended.
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Lawrence of Arabia, Restored 70 mm Print

By tony941
Written January 25, 2016
One of the greatest films in the history of cinema, shown on the big screen at AFI in the amazing restored 70 mm print. A huge and very sophisticated audience. As an additional treat, the film editor of Lawrence of Arabia, Anne Coates was in the audience and gave a short talk about working with David Lean to create this masterpiece. This was a unique experience, and all credit to AFI for offering wonderful and rare events like this.
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Filmmaking at its Finest

By wisdomgiver
Written April 10, 2007
While some may say "Lawrence of Arabia" has slower moments, those scenes of almost pure visual scenery exist to give the audience the same sense of awe and wonder that Lawrence himself must have felt in the desert. And boy, do you feel it. The cinematography is breathtaking, you will be humming the score at intermission, and Peter O'Toole's performance is a tour de force. In 70mm, it's incomparable.
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Best MOvie Ever!

By terriM
Written April 11, 2007
I am an avid movie person who can appreciate good cinema, so I say this with much conviction. I now know why Lawrence of Arabia is called the best movie ever made! This film is a must see hands down, Peter o'toole gave an outstanding performance and in my opion was robbed when he did not win an oscar. This film has it all . It is am epic in every sence of the word, from story to photography. You just dont get any better than that. I wish all films could be held to such high standards, and as I sat amongst the 618 other people in the sold out theater that night I got the feeling they all agreed!
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By iswelih
Written February 22, 2013
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