Great movie About a most fascinating man.

By grogan81
Written October 27, 2015
I haven't watched this movie in its entirety in quite some time. With that being said, seeing it on the big screen was magnificent. In my book T.E. Lawrence was one of the greatest figures of the 20th Century. He was larger than life so any movie about him had to be big to do him justice. This film delivers that and more. The cast is just fantastic and Peter O'Toole is at his best. I also enjoyed Omar Sharif and this is my favorite role for him. And you can't say enough about the scenery as it truly conveys to the viewer the hardship of living in such a desolate place. I will always remember the scene of Lawrence walking across the train that was derailed as one of the great movie shots ever. In closing I also have to say it has one of the best music scores ever. This is Hollywood at its best.
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One of the Greatest Films of All Time

By johnnycho
Written March 12, 2016
Add this to your Bucket List: Before you die, you must see LAWRENCE OF ARABIA on a big screen at least once. You may not like it -- it's not for those who thought The Transformers was one of the best movies they've ever seen -- but if you DO like it, congratulate yourself on being a moviegoer of excellent taste, intelligence and passion. It's the epic to beat all epics, but more than that, the character of Lawrence himself is one of the most fascinating, complex and compelling people ever put on film. O'Toole's performance is phenomenal, managing to be both big and nuanced at the same time. The score by Maurice Jarre is one of the all-time greatest -- it not only supports the drama but tells the story. The screenplay by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson is brilliant and masterfully structured, full of wit and passion. And few directors in the history of film know how to tell a story on film as artfully and effectively as David Lean. Every aspiring filmmaker must study this film and learn!
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Eqyptian Theater debacle

By rocketanimation
Written March 12, 2016
While the film is outstanding and rightly remains a classic our we did not appreciate the Egyptian Theaters ticket taking process in the least. We bought tickets on Fandango and were told to bring a sheet or a phone ticket to the show and would be let in using those documents. It was a great surprise when we got to the Theater and were told to get in line to get our tickets. Pretty stupid. It also delayed the start of the film by almost 20 minutes. We ended up in the third row front where the film experience was no where near what it should have been.
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Lawrence of Arabia

By friend570
Written August 04, 2013
Stunning film, perhaps one of the all-time best ever; certainly, one of my all time favorites. Casting was perfect, acting (Peter O'Toole's first film) outstanding, with many, many actors we recognize and love. Writing was extraordinary, cinematography magnificent, music superb. Definitely a must-see.
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Lawrence of Arabia seen at the Angelika Mosaic Movie Theater - Fairfax, VA

By rouleaukeith
Written October 27, 2015
First, if you've never seen Lawrence of Arabia - GO SEE IT! It Truly is an EPIC - one of those movies that everyone should see at least once in their life - preferably in 70mm BIG SILVER SCREEN! It's said to be THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE - and when you see it, then you'll understand. Seeing literally thousands of extra's racing across the desert and real steam trains being derailed - realize that these scenes weren't done in CGI - they were real - as real as T. E. Lawrence was real. Second, I want to thank the Angelika Mosaic Theater in Fairfax, VA for showing it. It's a beautiful movie theater and reasonably priced ticket ($7.00). Most theaters only show current run movies, so to be able to see this CLASSIC on the big screen again with all the modern sound and conviences was a real treat. I'll not soon forget the experience. so - GO SEE IT - even if you buy the Blu-Ray and watch it at home, it's worth it. And by the way the Blu-Ray edition is wonderful.
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