See it!

By bcosci
Written September 18, 2007
This is one of the greatest films ever made! Go see it!! It plays every 3 months at the Aero theater in Santa Monica on Montana Ave in glorious 70mm!!
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Lawrence of Arabia

By WrittenandStoned
Written November 27, 2007
A fictionalized biography of TE Lawrence and the Arab Revolt of 1916, Lawrence was credited with the Ottoman Empire's Arab insurgency when in fact it was Brittain's Foreign Office-Arab Bureau. As a motion picture with anti-war themes & political commentary on the ambitions of government, this movie shows how cutlures can compliment when compassion overrules loyalty to a country's politics. A timeless classic Lawrence provides ample social commentary on the determination and unity of a culture who if allied, may build a future for a peaceful society. While Academy Awards do not necessarily dictate excellence in cinema due to so many factors, including the year they are made & judged, Lawrence proves that even with the comparatively lengthy run time and the contemporary films made years later i.e. Braveheart, Three Kings, Syriana, etc.... Great acting by O'Toole, Quinn, Sharif along with superb cinematography by F.A. Young and of course, David Lean's comedic Directorial style.
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A masterpiece.

By gensho
Written April 11, 2007
Directing, Cinematography, Music, Acting - all top notch.
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Lawrence of Arabia (70mm)

By IMAXtreme
Written November 29, 2009
The was one of the greatest movies and movie experiences of all time. Not only was the movie exciting and epic (4 hours long), but it was on a huge screen and projected in 70mm. The movie was filmed in 70mm so when it was projected it had incredible film quality. This is a movie experience you CANNOT MISS.
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Greatest film ever made?

By Soundzilla
Written May 25, 2008
Yes, it's provocative, but this could be the greatest film ever. After seeing it for the first time during its fully-restored 1989 re-release, I was hooked. Choose any frame from this masterpiece and it could easily serve as a stunning portrait for hanging. David Lean was so masterful at using the frame, and the brilliant screenplay by Robert Bolt will keep your attention through all 218 minutes. Likewise, Maurice Jarre's score is highly memorable. The thing that struck me most about this film was that it is based on a real historical figure, who changed the map of the middle-east, and whose actions resonate in our world today. They don't make films like this anymore and for some who grew up long after this was film was made, that may be a good ting for them. If you are interested in classic films, this one should not be missed, and will be studied by film scholars for decades to come.
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