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The new digital restoration is amazing!

By bugsplatter
Written May 27, 2015
This movie holds up extremely well, the cinematography, script, acting, it is all superb. The new digital restoration is wonderful, amazing, and a joy to behold.
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Lawrence of Arabia - Painful Extras

By andalou
Written April 19, 2015
Whoever set this up showing truly didn't think about their audience. I learned about the showing thru Fandango and was so very exited to see this movie. I was under the impression that since I was choosing an IMAX theater it would be shown on IMAX. There was nothing on the purchase page that indicated that it would be shown on a much, much smaller screen. Prior to showing the movie they ran a trailer for the movie I had already purchased. Next came the painful and long Martin Scorsese overview. This sucked because I had NEVER seen the movie and he stupidly mentions key points and shows key scenes of the movie. Next up was grainy footage from the release date. I showed up on time for a 3 hour movie on a mid-week night and had to sit thru 32 minutes of crap. Why this stuff wasn't left for the end is really beyond me. The movie was wonderful but they should have left the extras for the end.
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Restored Lawrence

By bartrosenberg
Written May 24, 2015
What can one say about this film that hasn't been written? One of the ten greatest films on anyone's list. The restoration is stunning, visually and audibly. I was even able to identify the Ondes Martenot (an early electronic synthesizer which Jarre frequently included in his score), If you have friends who haven't seen this, drag them to a showing, kicking and screaming if necessary, next time this plays on a big screen near you. While it may look great on blu-ray, it was designed for the Big Screen. Lawrence along with the live screenings of Gance's Napoleon earlier this year were the cinema events of the decade. Surely Lean and Jarre would be pleased. It is written.
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Lawrence of Arabia - Wow!

By OklaFink
Written October 05, 2012
I first saw this movie in the 60s shortly after it came out. To see it again, almost 50 years later - beautifully restored, was amazing. Stunning visual imagery - fantastic soundtrack - award winning acting - fabulous directing. One of the best movies ever!
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Lawrence of Arabia

By deanelder
Written October 05, 2012
This was the first time I had seen Lawrence of Arabia since its original showing in 1962. Yep, fifty years ago! The terms "epic:" and "sweeping" could not be more appropriate when applied to this film. Yes, were it made today, it would probably be riddled with hi-tech effects, a more contemporary sound track. etc. Also, the infamous scene - way back then - of Jose Ferrar's ripping off Peter O'Toole's shirt, followed up by lusty leers would have been more vividly acted out. It didn't need more "realism:" We all got it back then and still do. Although slightly technically dated, this is film making of the highest order. Anyone who truly loves movies will truly love this remarkable film.
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