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Glad I saw it

By lindsey8592
Written March 27, 2015
I'd never seen this classic film before, but always wanted to. Now was a perfect time, with the remastered visuals and audio, and all of the historic information and other extras. Definitely worth the $15 and the 4 hours.
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Magical...Brought to you 50 years ago by men and women of courage and discipline.

By Good Fences
Written January 27, 2015
Magical, and a must see. The first movie that I was motivated enough to bring along three other friends for a Thursday 1:00 showing. All involved in the making of the movie worked in unbelievable conditions to bring an Epic movie together for all to enjoy that will stick with me for many years. I use the word magic because while viewing the movie as the word is defined; “super natural powers over natural forces, extraordinary powers of influence”, comes to mind. During the intermission we had a chance speak with other movie goers and the majority of the discussion was what a wonder treasure this movie is and there was a lot of appreciation for this movie actually being completed; and it's all ours. The format of the showing (directors cut) was an important part to set up the movie, including Martin Scosese’s part which was pivotal prior to the start of the movie.
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Possibly the greatest movie ever made

By Bouncingboy247
Written December 18, 2014
David Lean's Lawrence is one of those movies you have to see on screen. Sweeping, poignant and magical at times, it does what movies do best: paints a picture of this figure from history highlighting events that are not as well known. Peter O'toole career defining role at Lawrence shows warts and all, and it is interesting for a movie 50 years old to subtly tackle his sexual preference. It is a movie that should be taken out every few years and rerun in the theater like a beloved copy of a book.
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P.E. Lawrence

By jjlewis
Written April 28, 2015
David Lean's panoramic production of P.E. Lwrence has triggered my need to read more on the man and on his historical impact durling the last days of the Ottoman Empire....
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Fantastically dirty

By mitnosnibor
Written August 30, 2014
Seeing it on the big screen really shows that they were in...a desert! Either the big picture...or the restoration...or both...makes you almost feel like you're there. Another thing the big screen lends, which you don't get on the DVDs, is the scale of the locations: those rock mountains in the desert were huge! I am so glad I saw my favorite movie on the big screen. It was spectacular.
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