Glad I saw it

By lindsey8592
Written June 29, 2016
I'd never seen this classic film before, but always wanted to. Now was a perfect time, with the remastered visuals and audio, and all of the historic information and other extras. Definitely worth the $15 and the 4 hours.
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Lawrence of Arabia - "A+", Regal - St. Louis Mills Projection Staff - "D-"

By CribbageWitch
Written August 26, 2016
I have been a big fan of this film and was over-joyed to see it was once again on the Big Screen. I sat in my seat in great antis-------------ipation. The staff at this venue appeared to know absolutely nothing about the workings of the technology to project the film. Four other patrons and I sat for over an hour waiting for the bugs to be exterminated in the system so that we could enjoy "Lawrence" We would have loved to have seen, in their entirety, all of the featurettes that proceeded the film, But, we were shown only some. The first one was started only at a point a few minutes from its end and not restarted to its beginning. I felt that the five of us in the auditorium were not creating enough revenue to warrant the consideration for the entire featurette. All-in-all, I would give the feature an "A+" and the staff a "D-".
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Lawrence of Arabia

By Sglas
Written March 28, 2017
I'd often thought I would like to see "Lawrence of Arabia" on a big screen and now I finally have, thanks to TCM. The movie was impactfull and I finally understand this story in history. The cinimatography is incredible. The musical score is hauntingly beautiful. I highly reccomend seeing this movie on a big screen. It is an experience in itself!
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Magical...Brought to you 50 years ago by men and women of courage and discipline.

By Good Fences
Written January 22, 2017
Magical, and a must see. The first movie that I was motivated enough to bring along three other friends for a Thursday 1:00 showing. All involved in the making of the movie worked in unbelievable conditions to bring an Epic movie together for all to enjoy that will stick with me for many years. I use the word magic because while viewing the movie as the word is defined; “super natural powers over natural forces, extraordinary powers of influence”, comes to mind. During the intermission we had a chance speak with other movie goers and the majority of the discussion was what a wonder treasure this movie is and there was a lot of appreciation for this movie actually being completed; and it's all ours. The format of the showing (directors cut) was an important part to set up the movie, including Martin Scosese’s part which was pivotal prior to the start of the movie.
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Glad I went

By EDenney
Written February 28, 2017
No need to review the movie, it's been around for about 45 years and it's a timeless classic, but seeing it on the big screen for the first time in my life, in the newly restored 4K digital high-def resolution with 6 channel surround was amazing. I have a pretty nice 55" LCD in my room and a nice sound system, but you can't even begin to compare the two. It's a shame this was a one day only event, I'm sure a lot of people missed it that would like to have seen it but couldn't get away that day. It was just blind luck that I just happened to open a weekly spam email that I get from Fandango, which I never do, and just happened to notice that this movie was playing one day only on the same day I opened the email. They should've at least had 2 different dates to provide people with an option.
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