By Judith B. CArlson
Written July 24, 2016
What a thrill to again see LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, with an all male cast...most of whom have aged beyond belief, once seeing them as young and handsome actors. This is a real piece of poignant history...the perils of the desert and the compelling struggles. LAWRENCE is so well-played by Peter O'Toole...done with brilliance, along with Omar Shariff, and others....all brilliantly and valiantly cast and acted. The gripping story is filled with action, and so true to the believable, unlike most modern films. It was a wonderful revival and I am so glad I got the announcement from Fandango. It was well-worth the 2 hour drive and taking a friend who also appreciated it so much.
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An epic classic!!

By rimers2002
Written September 29, 2016
This movie is a classic and is a must see for anyone who loves movies..BIG movies!! I'm still thinking about it today, it is a real journey. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS FILM!!
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Lawrence of Arabia - Painful Extras

By andalou
Written July 26, 2016
Whoever set this up showing truly didn't think about their audience. I learned about the showing thru Fandango and was so very exited to see this movie. I was under the impression that since I was choosing an IMAX theater it would be shown on IMAX. There was nothing on the purchase page that indicated that it would be shown on a much, much smaller screen. Prior to showing the movie they ran a trailer for the movie I had already purchased. Next came the painful and long Martin Scorsese overview. This sucked because I had NEVER seen the movie and he stupidly mentions key points and shows key scenes of the movie. Next up was grainy footage from the release date. I showed up on time for a 3 hour movie on a mid-week night and had to sit thru 32 minutes of crap. Why this stuff wasn't left for the end is really beyond me. The movie was wonderful but they should have left the extras for the end.
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Lawrence of Arabia

By killer123
Written July 26, 2016
I last saw Lawrence on the big screen in 1965. I love the movie and have it on DVD (the remastered box set). Had it on VHS before that. But there is no substitute for seeing it (and hearing it - the score is great) on the big screen. Since its been so long since I've seen the film version on the big screen, I couldn't comment on how the digital version would compare. But the desert scenes were still grand and made the story, which is a fantastic retelling of an interesting bit of world history. A bit of history which reverberates loudly today. And the story of an enigmatic Englishman. Very glad I went. Its still just as long!!
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By so cali girl
Written January 22, 2017
They don't make movies like this anymore, so, it's worth your while to go and get absorbed into a movie. the score to the movie is classic and also absorbing.... the photography is stunning. the digitally restored movie on the big screen makes you experience these movies we might have only seen on television in a whole new encompassing format. i enjoy the Fathom events, this is the third one i've attended. the first was the Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall. Again, it was incredible!!!! thank you for the restoration and Fathom. thank you for bringing it to the big screen.
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