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Lawrence Of Arabia

By moviefanmambo
Written January 26, 2015
The movie was AMAZING! I was a first time viewer of this film (don't know why) but was entranced the whole time. The restoration truly made you feel like you were there. The scenes were magnificent and the acting, well what can I say. Truly some of the greatest actors ever. Would highly recommend! Great job! Look forward to purchasing this when it comes out in November for my home collection.
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Beautifully Restored

By KentonF
Written January 28, 2015
This movie has been reviewed many times, so I'll stick to the restoration. This is the first film that I have seen which has been restored to this kind of detail. Most movies are cooked in a computer till it looses information, becomes too soft looking and makes the faces look waxy. This movie was a new standard in restoration processes. You actually could see grains of sand and lines and pores on faces. It was probably a cleaner look than it was when it was only on celluloid. No tears, no scratches, no dust, no scene change was virtually pristine and utterly beautiful allowing the performances for which this movie is so justly famous to shine through. It's coming onto Blu-ray in November. This is a must have. Any previous versions are seriously inadequate in comparison.
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Glad I went

By EDenney
Written October 31, 2014
No need to review the movie, it's been around for about 45 years and it's a timeless classic, but seeing it on the big screen for the first time in my life, in the newly restored 4K digital high-def resolution with 6 channel surround was amazing. I have a pretty nice 55" LCD in my room and a nice sound system, but you can't even begin to compare the two. It's a shame this was a one day only event, I'm sure a lot of people missed it that would like to have seen it but couldn't get away that day. It was just blind luck that I just happened to open a weekly spam email that I get from Fandango, which I never do, and just happened to notice that this movie was playing one day only on the same day I opened the email. They should've at least had 2 different dates to provide people with an option.
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One of cinema's most extraordinary films

By janwebb10
Written August 20, 2014
There is more than enough written about the excellence of David Lean's masterpiece, "Lawrence of Arabia," and the Fathom Events showing last night at the Hoffman Theaters in Alexandria, VA was a great setting for its 50th anniversary observance. The 4K digitalization of the film was remarkable and I found even more to appreciate in it as the movie unfolded. One caveat: the Hoffman complex holds multiple theaters, so the one next door to us was showing the latest "Resident Evil" movie. Unfortunately, several quieter moments in "Lawrence," such as the initial meeting at the well between Lawrence & Ali, were ruined by the fighting of lycans, vampires, zombies, etc., that could be heard through the walls. Theater complexes should try to separate special showings such as "Lawrence" from other films so such sound bleed-through is lessened.
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Superb - An honor to the legendary film and director, and honor to a legendary performance

By kathan12
Written September 21, 2014
I first saw Lawrence of Arabia in Apr. '63 when I was a girl. Of course I fell in love with Peter O'Toole and the film itself. All-time favorite; I've loved it since then. The 50th Anniversary Event last night - Blu-Ray, 4K remastered - is beautiful. On the large screen again. One of the (few) truly great classics of all time; and the beauty of what Sony/Blu-Ray/4K has done is just remarkable in every way. Since the 1988-'89 restoration was magical I couldn't even imagine that this would be - yes - beyond magical. The film is so clear, so lovely that - no matter how many times I have seen it - it is like seeing it better & greater than ever before. Nothing compares with it & never will. The clarity & beauty of Mr. Lean's iconic masterpiece; the beauty of a great actor in his destined, iconic role has truly brought so much joy to a woman with such happy, personal memories of years ago. Thank you very much.
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