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By FilmFlan
Written October 05, 2012
I bought a ticket for the one-time theater performance at Regal's Westbury Stadium Theatre in Nassau County, NY for 1:00 pm, Thursday, Oct. 4. After watching and waiting about 30 minutes through several promotional features, the performance started with the musical overture, which we seemed to hear twice over. The actual motion picture never started and we were asked by a secretary, to wait while the projectionist tried to fix a problem. Then the theater manager appeared about 1:45 pm and reported that it would take more time to make sre the "hard disk" would start, but that we could ask to see some other picture. One person asked for a refund and he said Yes. I asked when the picture would end because I would have to leave by 4:45 pm to make an appointment in NYC. I was told if the movie soon started it would not end until 5:30 pm, so I had to leave and asked for a refund. When I received a refund at the Ticket Office, I was told the disk had not been downloaded before the showing.
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By Judith B. CArlson
Written October 01, 2014
What a thrill to again see LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, with an all male cast...most of whom have aged beyond belief, once seeing them as young and handsome actors. This is a real piece of poignant history...the perils of the desert and the compelling struggles. LAWRENCE is so well-played by Peter O'Toole...done with brilliance, along with Omar Shariff, and others....all brilliantly and valiantly cast and acted. The gripping story is filled with action, and so true to the believable, unlike most modern films. It was a wonderful revival and I am so glad I got the announcement from Fandango. It was well-worth the 2 hour drive and taking a friend who also appreciated it so much.
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Incredible Experience

By Tebor
Written September 17, 2014
Ever since I first saw the movie on DVD, I wanted to see it in a theater. I finally got my chance and it was more breathtaking than I imagined. Thank you whoever made this event happen!!!
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Lawrence of Arabia

By earbobgirl
Written September 20, 2014
This film must be seen on the big screen. The landscape is so huge and a major character in the film. Great acting by great actors. If you want to know more about the western conflict in the Middle East before oil this movie will increase your understanding.
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By sunnyshel
Written July 31, 2014
What nerve! Movie never shown. Apparently hard-drive didn't work so after 30 minutes of sitting and waiting received a refund and a sorry. Will never participate in Fathom Events again.
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