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Larence of Arabia

By tangowithshiva
Written October 31, 2014
I was in my teens when Lawrence was released in 1960. At the time I saw it I loved it and considered it to be the best film ever. Years later I watched it again, twice, and thought it to be one of the best films ever. Yesterday once again confirmed that. The thing that made me sad was that there were only 12 people at the matinee I attended. I felt as if the end of a golden era of film making would never be seen by millions of cinema lovers. Nowadays, because of the MTV and later generations, films have to be agonizingly loud and full of gratuitous action and violence in order to pack the theatres. That's tragic. A long film that gives time to absorb and really study the character of a complex man like Lawrence is one of the best cinematic experiences we can ever give ourselves. The film yesterday was close to 4 hours long and my companions and I had no idea that much time went by. Such magnificence, majesty, sweeping heroism and deeply flawed characters. A true study of human life.
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Incredible Experience

By Tebor
Written September 17, 2014
Ever since I first saw the movie on DVD, I wanted to see it in a theater. I finally got my chance and it was more breathtaking than I imagined. Thank you whoever made this event happen!!!
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Lawrence of Arabia

By earbobgirl
Written September 20, 2014
This film must be seen on the big screen. The landscape is so huge and a major character in the film. Great acting by great actors. If you want to know more about the western conflict in the Middle East before oil this movie will increase your understanding.
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By FilmFlan
Written October 05, 2012
I bought a ticket for the one-time theater performance at Regal's Westbury Stadium Theatre in Nassau County, NY for 1:00 pm, Thursday, Oct. 4. After watching and waiting about 30 minutes through several promotional features, the performance started with the musical overture, which we seemed to hear twice over. The actual motion picture never started and we were asked by a secretary, to wait while the projectionist tried to fix a problem. Then the theater manager appeared about 1:45 pm and reported that it would take more time to make sre the "hard disk" would start, but that we could ask to see some other picture. One person asked for a refund and he said Yes. I asked when the picture would end because I would have to leave by 4:45 pm to make an appointment in NYC. I was told if the movie soon started it would not end until 5:30 pm, so I had to leave and asked for a refund. When I received a refund at the Ticket Office, I was told the disk had not been downloaded before the showing.
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By BinaryNomad
Written October 05, 2012
A grand way to spend 4 hours, watching the 4K digital full-length movie on a big screen instead of the shortened version on a television screen that we are all familiar with. Awesome cinematography and all of it shot on location with real actors, no CGI! But the advertorials advertorials and newsreel clips and useless interviews shown before the movie were annoying and tiresome - please get rid of those.
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