A great classic restored to be even better

By dpswarn
Written August 26, 2016
Beautifully restored film and such a great one! This movie is 227 minutes long but it is so entertaining and Sharif, Quinn, Guinness and obviously O'Toole are just so tremendous that the hours fly by. There is a 15-minute intermission but you'll want to get back to the story as quickly and possible.
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Fantastically dirty

By mitnosnibor
Written November 28, 2015
Seeing it on the big screen really shows that they were in...a desert! Either the big picture...or the restoration...or both...makes you almost feel like you're there. Another thing the big screen lends, which you don't get on the DVDs, is the scale of the locations: those rock mountains in the desert were huge! I am so glad I saw my favorite movie on the big screen. It was spectacular.
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Lawrence of Arabia 50th Anniversary

By cinemaniax7
Written February 12, 2016
As the Brits would say, "Bloody marvelous!" One of the greatest films of all time looks and sounds better than ever. If you missed the big-screen showing, do yourself a favor and watch the upcoming Blu-ray on the largest home screen possible. Beautiful photography, amazing performances, and the cinema's finest music score make Lawrence of Arabia as close to "must see" as movies get.
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Lawrence of Arabia

By Sglas
Written November 25, 2015
I'd often thought I would like to see "Lawrence of Arabia" on a big screen and now I finally have, thanks to TCM. The movie was impactfull and I finally understand this story in history. The cinimatography is incredible. The musical score is hauntingly beautiful. I highly reccomend seeing this movie on a big screen. It is an experience in itself!
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Beautifully Restored

By KentonF
Written February 06, 2016
This movie has been reviewed many times, so I'll stick to the restoration. This is the first film that I have seen which has been restored to this kind of detail. Most movies are cooked in a computer till it looses information, becomes too soft looking and makes the faces look waxy. This movie was a new standard in restoration processes. You actually could see grains of sand and lines and pores on faces. It was probably a cleaner look than it was when it was only on celluloid. No tears, no scratches, no dust, no scene change indicators...it was virtually pristine and utterly beautiful allowing the performances for which this movie is so justly famous to shine through. It's coming onto Blu-ray in November. This is a must have. Any previous versions are seriously inadequate in comparison.
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