Shia blew me away!

By FilmNut23
Written September 04, 2012
Shia Labeouf continues to suprise me, his performance is what we go to the movies for. Shia takes his character from a boy living in his brothers shadows to a man standing for whats right and defending his own. Tom Hardy is the strong silent type in this film, mainly does his thing with looks and grunts with sobering violence. That was my favorite thing about the film, the violence is so realistic and unsettling but it makes the movie so much more gritty which is perfect. The cast is right where they should be, i couldnt picture anyone else in their roles and the accent, being from the south myself was finally right for a change not to strong or over the top. Go see it and live along side these brothers for and hour and a half and you'll forget your even watching a movie and just lose yourself in this world.
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Best movie I have seen this year!

By vogueinthemaking
Written September 05, 2012
I am no easy critic when it comes to films but this piece was so tastefully done in every aspect. I did not want to stop watching it and cannot wait to see it again.
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Lawless: Illegal Giggle Juice

By aerykpierson
Written December 27, 2014
I really like Tom Hardy. All man. He is one of those bad-***tough guys that doesn’t talk ****. Doesn’t need to. He’ll just take your head off and be done with it. This is a characteristic I think has been lost in many of the tough guys in movies. Problem is, this movie wants to focus on the exploits of Jack, the youngest brother. A conflicted and insecure vagina, totally out of place compared with his brothers. So, what could have been an interesting story about outlaws, like the marketing suggested, the film becomes a coming-of-age story á la “I’m OK You’re OK”.
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Lawless a review by Thadeus Brown

By thadeusbrown86
Written September 04, 2012
Lawless is a film that you're either going to relish about, or going to completely shut out. I say this because, the movie is not fast paced, nor does it have a lot of action, and in today's society that is what most people want when they see films on the big screen. If you like action packed movies, this is not down your ally, and should probably check out Expendables 2, which I have not seen yet? I enjoyed the hell out of this film and defiantly will see this movie again some time in the near future. I was atonished by how the movie looked, the set pieces were right on point with the western feel. Good make-up effects for the bloody and beaten faces that most all characters went through in the film. With amazing acting, and great character development, Lawless ends up being worth the full price admission. Back to the question, does Shia LeBeouf finally grow up in this film? "Yes, he certainly becomes a man in Lawless," which i'm very glad to see.
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By sushar
Written September 01, 2012
We liked the movie a lot. There were no bad performances-great acting and casting. Guy Pearce is the quintessential smarmy bad guy. Jessica Chastain and Mia W. were especially beautiful and all the male leads were first rate. The plot (based on a book & apparently a "true story" as they say) was gripping. If I don't have to check my iphone for the time, I know I'm enjoying a movie. Beautifully filmed in a smoky, gloomy, prohibition-era style. This is appropriately rated R because of the violence. This is not a good movie for kids. Yes, there is foul language a little nudity, but it's the violence that's very graphic. Heed the rating for this reason.
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