By thedoctor777
Written August 30, 2012
WOW! This is a good movie. The cinematography is great; but then it had beautiful landscape scenery to work with. The screenplay is excellent and the director kept the story moving along at a perfect pace. The casting was right on as well. Everyone played off each other wonderfully. This is based on a true story so that always adds to the story. It's intense at times as well as heartfelt. True it has several blooded scenes; but they actually enhance the film. There are two nude scenes that in my opinion were not needed and could have been left out. Tom Hardy did a fantastic job as Forrest and in my opinion rates an Oscar nomination this year. I usually do don't like period piece films; but this one is great. The costumes and the set designs are authentic in every way. I think this film will be liked more by us baby boomers than younger people; only because we can relate to much of it. Many of us have Great Uncles that made moonshine and has told us stories.Go and enjoy this one today.
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By Ramus
Written August 30, 2012
I loved it.! All the performances are terrific. It reminded me a lot of Bonnie and Clyde and the score is brilliant. Tom Hardy in particular is, bottom line, an outrageously good actor...and even in all this blood an gore -- he's funny. Several of his looks, accompanied by the perfect grunt, caused me to stifle giggles. I shall see this movie again..perhaps more than once, and when it comes out on DVD, I'll buy it. Go see this movie..if you can tolerate a little blood and gore. I would love to see the director's cut..I have the feeling Hillcoat had to cut a lot of this to get it down to the proper time and I sure would like to see what was not in the movie.
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Loved it!

By cmelo11
Written September 03, 2012
I would love to know how much of this movie is hollywood and how much is real life. But either way it is a great story and all the actors and actress are well suited for their parts.
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By rbusry
Written September 16, 2012
Since I leave in Virginia I found this movie very interesting since it was a true story. Bootlegging was a part of our country's history and the movie depicted a very sad side of this history. I think the story was very well done but the movie was very gory.
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Lawless An Old Story

By jschof9259
Written September 02, 2012
A true story, but it's been told a 1000 times in different films. Well produced but nothing excitingly knew! Alot of shoot them up Bang Bang during the Prohibition years.
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